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NYPD Arrest 9-year-old girl for not showing vax papers at museum

By now, many have heard of a removal at New York’s Museum of Natural History.

Unfortunately, it’s not the removal of a child from the museum who was arrested, among others, for not showing her vax card. The mainstream media has completely ignored the story, instead dangling the shiny story of a statue of Theodore Roosevelt being removed from the museum.

A video emerged from the event that took place on Wednesday showing a crying child being arrested by the New York City Police Department. The girl is placed in the back of a police van as onlookers telling the officers “you are traumatizing a little child” and asking “where are you taking her?”

The Daily Mail identified the child as 9-year-old Jayla who was arrested along with five adults. The group had made reservations for the visit but were not allowed in when they refused to submit to the fascist rules that everyone, 5 and up, show that they’ve submitted to medical experimentation. The article describes Jayla as being “detained” and the adults “arrested,” a distinction without a difference when you see a peaceful child being put in the back of a cop car.

Jayla and her mother, Maria, were set free from the NYPD’s 20th precinct after two hours, the Daily Mail stated. Photos from the piece show Jayla smiling as she was released with supporters greeting her with cheers.

The group was part of a group New York Freedom Rally (NYFR) and were peacefully protesting by showing the lengths the gestapo will go to force compliance. The NYFR site states: “New York Freedom Rally (NYFR) is a grassroots organization that promotes freedom in general and health freedom in particular. We believe in informed consent and bodily autonomy, and welcome anyone who supports those positions.”

Matt Agorist, for The Free Thought Project, wrote: “While no one imagined that children would be caught up in the state’s immoral and unscientific vaccine tyranny, we are quickly learning that police have no problem going after children to carry out their authoritarian orders.”

“This week, a group of parents attempted to enter the Museum of Natural History without letting the public employees of the museum have access to their personal medical records,” Agorist added. “This was an act of civil disobedience to expose how far the state is willing to go to trample the medical freedom of Americans.”

The fascist rules took effect in December which led to arrests right away. Those arrests have continued while other videos have shown families with young children being harassed by “law enforcement” just following their führer’s orders.

The Daily Mail piece points out that crime has risen 20% in NYC, which the police have used as a call to demand more funding. If the NYPD is willing to send police to arrest 9-year-olds and harass peaceful, law-abiding Americans, maybe there’s something to defunding them.

As Agorist points out, there has not been one mainstream media story on this event, but there’s been plenty on the removal of the Roosevelt statue. Of course, there’s a lot of nonsense and hysteria that’s gone on over the last few years with regards to removing statues, but please, which is a more important story?

And although the removal of the Roosevelt statue was stupid, please, if you’re going to talk about it, stop lionizing him. He was an awful president and big government authoritarian. The decision was stupid because he’s a part of history which we should learn from, not because he was a great man which he was not.

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  1. The age of culpability was raised to eighteen by NY legislation passed in 2017. Me thinks some NYPD Nazi goons need to be fired and sued!

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