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Biden Says America Is ‘More Unified’ Now Than When He Took Office

President Joe Biden said America is now more unified than when took office, crediting his administration’s accomplishments for bringing the country together.

When asked at a Wednesday press conference at the White House if the country was “more unified” now than at the time of his inauguration, Biden said that it was.

“Based on some of the stuff we’ve got done, I’d say yes, but it’s not nearly unified as it should be,” Biden answered.

Biden has made unity a focal point of his administration’s messaging, pledging to unify the country in his inauguration speech and promising to heal the divided nation following. However, according to recent polls, a majority of Americans hold Biden responsible for the nation’s divisions.

The answer also comes as Biden’s approval rating continues to dip, with a majority of voters crediting the president for taking the U.S. down the wrong path.

Biden went on to imply that the success of his administration was a referendum on democracy itself, and that he would work to further unite the country.

“I still contend … that unless you can reach consensus in a democracy, you cannot sustain that democracy. So this is a real test whether or not my counterpart in China is right or not when he says autocracies are the only thing that can prevail because democracies take too long to make decisions and are too divided,” the president said, referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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  1. People need to quit lying to the old fool. the only thing America is “united” in is the dislike of old joe and his California hoe.

  2. This man is totally delusional. We are more divided than ever, thanks to their wide usage of the race card every time someone disagrees with them. Why can’t we remove this a-hole from the White House? And it is past time for the American People to know who in the Kabal is actually pulling the Strings and making Biden dance to their tune? Our country is being ruined more every day by this man, and it seems that the elected officials who could help stop him are just ignoring the problem.

  3. This is what the news should read:
    Reporter: Is the country more divided than when you first took office?
    Biden: Based on some of the stuff we’ve done, I’d say yes, but it’s not nearly as divided as we would like it to be.

    Ol’ joe has no idea what he’s done. Someone should sit him down and tell him the truth for once. Then impeach him.

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