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AOC Escapes To Florida To Enjoy DeSantis’ Paradise

The well-known AOC, less well-known as Sandy Cortez, Democrat Congresswoman from the state of New York, is a big environmentalist, economic redistributionist, anti-capitalist advocate, and an enormous pusher of masking to protect New Yorkers from the relatively weak scourge of covid, and its many break-offs. But the good lady was caught in violation of all of her published policy platforms and her far-left biases, by flying off to Florida where the much-feared and always abused and bad-mouthed Ron DeSantis has done everything Miss Cortez hates but enjoys to visit. Governor DeSantis has made it his business to preserve and expand the relative paradise of the state he is running when compared to any state run by a Democrat governor, all of whom Democrats will mandate masking and lockdowns at the drop of a hat if it gives them more power over the lives of his or her citizens.

As a side-by-side listing of the far-left’s idiotic and contradictory policy ideas and how little they believe their own lies, here are some of the firmly held policies that Miss Cortez violated on her well-deserved vacation in Florida:

Economic violation: AOC flies to Florida, which is experiencing economic growth and anti-masking health under Governor DeSantis, spending her big congressional salary, while her constituents in New York are left to wear masks and wonder why she should be so wealthy when she denied them good-paying jobs by voting down an Amazon facility planned for her district in New York City.

Global Warming/ Climate Change violation: Any leftist who denies low priced oil and gas to Americans due to the global warming lie that driving a car poses a threat to the environment, and then flies off on a commercial jet to Florida to enjoy herself in the sun and sand while her constituents are left behind trying to scrape up enough money to drive their increasingly expensive cars to work, or being barely able to afford the subway in order to get to work the next day, should be relieved of her fancy job and halt the lies she tells about protecting the environment. And then that government official should be put in jail for her own violations against the environment she claims is being ruined by other citizens simply trying to live comfortable and decent lives.

Fear of covid violation: AOC is in favor of masking, distancing and lockdowns and wants enforcement of these things for the New Yorkers in her congressional district, yet disbelieves her own covid lies to such an extent that she can fly off to Florida to party in the sun in DeSantis’ thriving economy, forsaking any masking or distancing at all while she parties, leaving her less-affluent constituents at home in the snow and cold, and often jobless and possibly even sent to jail if they resist mandates to mask-up and to get vaccinated.

Welfare violation: Miss Cortez is so enamored with big government and is so favorably disposed to the government giving free stuff to American citizens, that she has even come forward stating that she wants the government to pay for her personal education loan, in spite of her large salary and in spite of her expensive trip to Florida, where she drank and partied on money that could go a long way to pay off her education loan. And don’t forget the $20,000 gown she wore last year to some high-class society party she attended, by invitation only, of course; could her education loan not have been paid off with the money she spent on that ridiculous gown?

But typical of the lies that Democrats use to keep us plebeian citizens under their strong control, Sandy Cortez is doing everything she tells us not to do and does not do what she mandates that we do. She is trying to pass laws that will allow her and her leftist pals to keep enjoying their lives while the rest of us are kept masked at home and without affordable transportation, in order to pay for her good times frolicking in the sun of a Republican governor, because her own Democrat governor and mayor have so screwed up New York, the city and the state, that there is no pleasure to be found there any more, only the drudgery of a Socialist state, fiercely enforced.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Thank you for helping the Florida economy “Sandy”, we appreciate your money but please leave your politics back in NY you hypocrite. You are destroying the lives of my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild who live in NYC, you witch!

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