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The New York Times Just Fired An Editor For Cursing Out A Gun Rights Group

The New York Times fired an editor of its product review division Friday for leaving an unpleasant and profanity-riddled voicemail for a gun-rights group.

Erin Marquis, an editor for Wirecutter since July, was fired after she left a voicemail for the Michigan chapter of the National Association for Gun Rights describing the group as “fucking ghouls,” The Washington Post first reported. Marquis’ message came in response to a press release sent out by the group following a school shooting in Michigan, in which the group pushed back against calls for gun control.

“Hi I’m a journalist with The New York Times,” Marquis began the message, which was published by the group earlier this month, before asking the organization’s members how they “sleep at night.”

“Aren’t you just, like, a little bit worried that there might be a hell. And when you meet God, he will send you there?” Marquis asked.

Marquis also wrote on Twitter that she was “literally shaking with rage” after receiving the press release, the Post reported. The NYT suspended Marquis following the publication of the voicemail, pending an internal review of her conduct.

“Again, I am from The New York Times, and I’m letting everyone in The New York Times know what kind of fucking assholes you are. Congrats on being a laughing stock,” Marquis said, calling the group “f*cking ghouls” and saying she hoped “there is a God in heaven, so he who judges you when you die.”

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for the NYT confirmed Marquis had been fired.

“The employee has been terminated from Wirecutter following our investigation related to inappropriate behavior,” a spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We expect our employees to behave in a way that is consistent with our values and commitment to the highest ethical standards.”

The NYT added that Marquis’ comments threatening to tell fellow NYT employees about the group’s alleged immorality damaged the newspaper’s reputation.

“Repeatedly invoking the New York Times’s name in an unprofessional way that imperils the reputation of Wirecutter, The Times, and all of our journalists is a clear violation of our policies and cannot be tolerated,” the spokesperson said.

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  1. Clearly the Marquis viper has zero knowledge of God’s scriptures while having no idea that her accursed self has been born to see its own eternity when her time comes. That is her lot. Add that her vicious comments were also slyly directed to the families of the school shootings. There are many of those sneering types lurking around in society who get off gleefully on the misery of others.

  2. Not only does this individual seem too not understand the Bible but also the Constitution. I have always thought that people who use profanity when trying to get a point across have a very limited vocabulary. Hence, a limited intelligence.

  3. Regarding the profanity comment as it relates to intelligence. When Trump was President and some people went apoplectic on his comments because some were crude and possibly vulgar, a speech specialist was consulted. Turns out that people who use profanity have a tendency to be quite intelligent, are known to use logic and facts to formulate decisions and basically the guy said that it fit with the level of success Trump had achieved. That made me one Mf’ing SOB happy that’s for sure. 🙂

  4. This girl should have been this upset at the shooter rather than at an uninvolved civil rights group.

  5. See, her problem is that she believes the shite that the NYT sells while not understanding that it sells bs to gullible libbies like herself just to stay afloat. It cannot afford to have its staff actually believe stupid liberal garbage and take up the misguided causes of radical morons like herself.

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