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Biden Admin Plans to Make Regular Cars as Expensive as Electric Vehicles

If the government wants everyone in an electric vehicle (EV), which the Biden administration has publicly stated they do, there are two choices: Make EVs cheaper and better or make the typical car more expensive and worse. Biden has chosen the latter.

“A final rule being issued Monday would raise mileage standards starting in the 2023 model year, reaching a projected industry-wide target of 40 miles per gallon by 2026,” the Associated Press reported Monday. “The mileage rules set to be announced Monday are the most ambitious tailpipe pollution standards ever set for passenger cars and light trucks.”

The changes appear to hinge around Biden’s ambitious electric vehicle goals.

“The standards also will help expand the market share of zero emissions vehicles, the administration said, with a goal of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles reaching 17% of new vehicles sold in 2026. EVs and plug-in hybrids are expected to have about 7% market share in 2023.”

The added emissions technologies will, of course, make most popular cars and trucks more expensive beginning with the 2023 model year. As prices push more people into EVs, it will also strain electric grids in states that have already pushed their electric infrastructure to the breaking point.

In states like California, where they already use rolling blackouts due to insufficient electric capacity, moving tens or hundreds of thousands of cars from liquid fuel to electricity could be devastating.

“Last summer, the state suffered rolling blackouts for the first time in nearly 20 years. And that threat resurfaced again this summer when the California Independent System Operator declared a series of flex alerts and a stage-two emergency to reduce electrical load.”

California faced a 3,500 Megawatt deficit this year and adding tons of high-voltage, high-amperage car chargers to the mix won’t improve that situation.

Light trucks may be the hardest hit by the new regulations. Depending upon how the rules are written, forcing trucks to hit a 40 mpg mark could result in underpowered offerings for those needing vehicles that can haul and tow heavy loads.

In the car enthusiast market, this could spell the end of the off-the-lot muscle car. 

Likely those needing or wanting light trucks and sports cars will just buy from the used market further driving up prices. 

The latest climate move by the Biden administration seems to have one goal – get everyone into electric vehicles whether they want one or not.

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  1. Bidenomic-rape economy will not allow families to purchase a bicycle let alone a vehicle regardless of how it is powered. More from the Demwits.

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