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Schumer Announces Plan To Nix Virtually Every Gasoline-Powered Vehicle In The Country

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Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is preparing to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on a long-shot plan that would fast-track the elimination of nearly every gasoline-powered vehicle in the country. The senate’s top Democrat wants to spend a massive amount of money enticing Americans to exchange their gas-guzzling vehicles for an electric car. Schumer’s proposal, which he announced in ...

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Conservatives Issue Dire Warning About Extending Electric Vehicle Subsidies

Conservative groups signed a letter Thursday warning a group of bipartisan lawmakers that extending electric vehicle tax credits will likely be a giveaway to wealthy people at the expense of poor Americans. Electric vehicle tax credits “overwhelmingly benefit the rich,” American Energy Alliance head Tom Pyle and other conservative groups said in the letter to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of ...

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Extending GM’s Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Could Blow A Huge Hole In Taxpayers’ Wallets

Removing the cap on General Motors’ electric vehicle tax credits could cost taxpayer’s billions of dollars over the next decade, a DCNF analysis finds. A DCNF analysis showing how much taxpayers will lose if lawmakers remove a cap on electric vehicle tax credits comes amid reports that such a move would also hurt people’s personal income levels. If Tesla and ...

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I Thought Green Was Good!

Less oil, less pollution, just less! We are told that green energy is the direction we need to go. We need solar panels, wind power, battery power, but why? So far, it’s mostly been a failure, yet we keep throwing money at it. Your money and my money. If we have a viable way to use alternative energy I’m all ...

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