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We Must Get Political During Thanksgiving

The Blue State Conservative

As a general rule, I remain apolitical until inevitable sanctimonious self-righteousness is uttered into existence by a leftist. They simply can’t help themselves. And when they speak out, I will give them no more quarry.

I look forward to the conversations. There has never been a time when conservative, libertarian, and pro-freedom stances have been more obviously correct and progressive and leftist positions have been so wrong. I welcome the eventual comment from an idiot leftist relative.

Most certainly, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will be discussed. At the time of this writing, the jury is hearing closing arguments and will soon be deliberating. Having watched a fair amount of the trial and its coverage, it is obvious the young man is innocent of all charges. Without even diving into the prosecutorial misconduct or the fact that the FBI “lost” exculpatory evidence, I will only ask what he should have done instead? Let a skateboard hit him again? Let the other assailant pull the trigger on his handgun?

After there can be no honest rebuttal to the Rittenhouse case, the subject will move onto vaccine mandates. No doubt the same people that believe Rittenhouse is a murderer support illegal and unethical Covid-19 vaccine mandates. If they are so concerned about my well being, why are they not advocating for prophylactic or early treatment with vitamin D, vitamin C, elemental zinc, quercetin, and ivermectin? If the vaccines were so effective, why are cases and deaths surging in some of the most heavily vaccinated states and countries right now? Last year, we were led to believe vaccines would end the pandemic; now, we are told they last for only a few months before requiring boosters. What else don’t we know about them?

At this point in the conversation, I have likely triggered this leftist relative by only asking a few basic questions. Though they seem unrelated, now is a good time to bring them together. Do you believe in freedom? I believe people have a right to self-defense and bodily autonomy, among other things. I love freedom. Do you?

Now will also be a good time to go on the offensive. Did you hear about the bombshell arrest of Igor Danchenko? They will ask who that is, because this story is getting buried. Here’s a quick recap by the New York Post. In short, the whole years-long charade was nothing more than a manufactured hoax, serving ironically as a tale of collusion between Russian operatives and the Clinton campaign. Imagine that.

This is one of the most important revelations of 2021, right up there with Wuhan Lab origins (which, remember, were also heavily lied about). For the first two years of the Trump administration, we heard daily reports about how Trump and Putin were cozied up. Steele Dossier. FusionGPS. Adam Schiff. Mueller Report. Collusion.

It was all made up. Every single thing. And you believed it. What else did you believe that they lied about? This is where it gets really fun. There are so many angles to go, but here are a few that I look forward to asking:

  • What did Donald Trump say about white supremacists in Charlottesville? How is that different from how it was reported?
  • How did Officer Brian Sicknick die? How was his death initially reported?
  • Where did Covid originate? How was this originally allowed to be reported?

All of these questions get to the same point. If we know the corporate media and ruling elites lied about these issues, what else did they lie about? Do you still trust them on some political stories but not others? How do you decide what to believe then?

Finally, just ask them if they feel good about their vote for Joe Biden. Make it personal for them. Are we better off under Biden than we were under Trump? How so? Do we have more economic opportunities? More personal freedom? More unity and compassion? More trust in our institutions?

If they haven’t stormed out of the room or punched you in the face yet, they are either complete dolts or maybe you just red-pilled one more American. If every Thanksgiving meal converted just one more person, the math adds up really fast. Or hospitals will get overrun with facial swelling. We need to take our chances.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. I cook for 12-15 every Thanksgiving but if any one of them opens their mouth to spew political rhetoric from either side, they can go friggin eat at Arbys!

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