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Reflection On Democrats and Their Idiotic Concentration On “Root Causes” of Society’s Ills

The Democrat Mayor of Chicago says she can do nothing about the murders being committed in her city until the “root causes” of this horrible situation have been addressed, and Kamala Harris, our Democrat vice president, says nothing can be done about the disastrous immigration invasion of our southern border until the “root causes” of the exodus from Central America have been addressed. The “root cause” to anything may take years or decades to discover and fix, but punishing people who commit crimes promptly will halt a crime-wave in its tracks, NOW! But since Democrats thrive on chaos, they prefer to do nothing, and allow crime to run amok.

Although “root causes” to society’s ills must eventually be addressed, the current murder rate in Chicago and the millions of illegals crossing into America could be easily fixed if Democrat leftists would apply a little common sense and some intellectual firmness to the issues. After all, Trump stopped the immigration influx with his policies, and Chicago didn’t have the current crime rates until Democrat leftists began cozying up to BLM, defunding the police forces, issuing wrist-slaps instead of prison sentences for murder, and ordered policeofficers to not pursue criminals. And if some bad guys were accidentally caught by law enforcement, they were released almost immediately and returned to the streets to commit more crimes, because judges and DAs are too left-oriented to treat bad people like the scum they are.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats don’t have the courage to stop crime because the people who commit the crimes are usually good Democrats, living in Democrat-run cities, who can be used to allow Democrat politicians to wring their hands over the pitiful lives of poor people in racist America and point to the need for people to become criminals in order to make a living, as proof of the hateful, racist state of life in America. We know for certain that the reason Democrats want to allow convicts to vote from prison is that all convicts vote Democrat in order to keep the big government goodies flowing and keep the light touch on criminals in place in Democrat jurisdictions.

Mollycoddling criminals allows Democrats to pontificate about the plight of the poor and the down-trodden, while honest, hard-working poor people are made subjects to the violence of criminals, with no end in sight.

One is suspicious that the reference to “root causes” being the reason for our national destruction is that this lying crap is the leftist’s way of saying “never mind”, and then doing nothing about real causes of crime and poverty, and proceeding to further undermine Americans’ liberties and prosperity in a Socialist dystopia of their creation. Republicans/conservatives are not willing to watch their great nation be destroyed by racists and Communists, and we must vote responsible people into positions of power, people who will correct the leftward drift of America and restore our tarnished honor, and to hell with “root causes”.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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