Karmic Justice: Newsom Got A Reaction And I Got Covid 

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Reports out of California are murky, but it sounds like Gavin Newsom has suffered an adverse reaction to his booster. You know what? Good. If they actually give the real deal to leftist bigwigs, I have a list of whom I’d like to see go next.

The pity ship sailed from my harbor a long time ago. Gavin Newsom has waged a terrible war against the state of California and, like others, against the very idea of personal freedom for the past eighteen months. His measures have included forced business closures upon penalty of fines and imprisonment and forced vaccination regardless of age, medical conditions, risk, and previous exposure to the virus. For assuming the role of self-appointed demigod and playing with ordinary peoples’ lives and livelihoods, a vaccine reaction seems to be getting off light.

Whether divine intervention, karmic justice, or simply fortuitous coincidence, we will never truly know what led to his reaction. People will believe what they want regardless. The only question worth asking now is how this will impact various policy proposals. Will Californians realize there is an actual risk to consider before getting poked and resist further? Will Newsom himself recalculate the often unnecessary burden being placed on families? Will this episode force a larger conversation of vaccination?

It all should, but I also thought Larry Elder had a chance at becoming governor.

To be sure, I feel bad for Newsom’s own kids (I don’t think he is a bad father), but I can’t help but feel relief for the millions of other Californian children who are up against the clock and the wall for mandatory jabs if the governor stays the course. Why did his children get to attend in-person learning while the state’s schools were shut down last year? Why did his daughter not yet have the poke even though it was available to twelve-year-old children? What gives Newsom the right to issue edicts on how parents will provide untested and dangerous medical care for their children? He is an elitist monster. If Newsom living out the idiom “taking your own medicine” helps shift the dialogue, then so be it.

Around the same time as Newsom’s plight, I likewise endured at the hands of my chosen path during the pandemic. I mimicked the Dennis Prager philosophy of trying to get Covid for the sake of having eventual antibodies. I minimally altered my lifestyle throughout the era of Covid; I continued seeing friends, continued traveling, and did everything I could to enjoy my life. It worked well, and it finally exposed me to Covid over Halloween. It is worth asking how a supposedly highly contagious virus took eighteen months to discover me as a host, but perhaps we should be thankful Covid isn’t as virulent as they made it out to be, either.

Age, relative physical fitness, and other factors led me to conclude that my body’s innate ability to protect me from viral harm was sufficient. I have never had a flu shot in my life, so the initial equation was one of cost/benefit anyways, but with the added lies and propaganda from our institutions, I would sooner drink engine coolant than receive this thing now. For those of us that read about the vaccine, Newsom’s reaction is only a surprise because they allowed someone prominent to suffer one.

Supporting my decision were the established treatment protocols on sites like FLCCC, which made me feel like there was a plan in place for my eventual contraction of the virus. Indeed, my own course included a consult that resulted in a prescription for ivermectin and azithromycin. I included zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C to my regimen. Along with Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers, and millions of other human beings who have taken ivermectin, I feel great and recovered quickly from my ailment. While taking my daily dose, though I also heard the insufferable Terry Bradshaw comment how Rodgers was taking a horse pill. How is this talking point still allowed? If Covid is ever adjudicated, Bradshaw should be held equally liable for killing Americans with his lies.

Throughout Covid, I have shared little in common with Gavin Newsom. I don’t even have those jacked biceps that he was flexing after receiving his booster. Show off. I also don’t have a droopy face. What we do share is a cosmic intervention of sorts. I accepted getting Covid and he apparently accepted the risk of vaccination. We are both dealing with the fallout of each.

While I intuitively believed in the mass dissemination of ivermectin, zinc, and vitamin D to the general population prior to this, I can now say from experience that this should absolutely have been one of the public health responses. I fully support tax payer dollars providing every American a five-day treatment. It’s absolutely amazing; as new studies continue to be published, I have yet to read about serious side effects. There is an overwhelming net positive to this approach.

Can Gavin Newsom and his side say the same thing about vaccination?

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