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Democrats Are Not Interested In Solving Our Crises; They Created Them

The Blue State Conservative

Anthony Fauci, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg all have one job: Facilitate the creation or sustenance of a problem in order to sell an impossible solution.

Every day, I read about how Anthony Fauci has mismanaged Covid, Kamala Harris has failed to control the border, and Pete Buttigieg has been unable to resolve the supply chain crisis. While it is true they are all inept, it seems presumptuous to think that their lack of a solution is the problem. It’s all really quite simple: The problem exists for a reason and there can be no solving it – not because it’s unsolvable, but because a solution weakens their political influence.

Covid is the most obvious example in present times. Honestly, what seems more plausible, that Anthony Fauci is unaware of decades of mask literature, lockdown efficacy, the WuFlu’s death rate, natural immunity, both prophylactics and treatments such as ivermectin, and worrisome vaccine data – or that Anthony Fauci is purposefully misguiding the public as a puppet of globalist elites intent on human subjugation? Anthony Fauci is a lot of things, but dumb doesn’t seem quite accurate. Therefore, is he mismanaging Covid or is he perpetuating freedom-killing policies?

The border is another glaring example. Joe Biden assigned Harris the task of tackling the unmitigated disaster of porous entries, understaffed agencies, overcrowded detention facilities, and the release of countless (untested/unvaccinated) migrants by the tens of thousands. I realize Harris gets a lot of flack for the ongoing troubles, and it seems like part of this plan was to expose her incompetence and set her up for failure, but what exactly do we want her to do? Does anyone expect Harris to do the only sensible thing – which requires bucking decades of DNC policy, no less – and shut down the border with an aggressive wall-building project and administer a robust presence of Border Patrol agents and National Guard troops? Consequences for major employers of their illegal workforce? Automatic deportation and reduced access to tax-payer money for illegals would likewise help deter mass migration, but who expects Harris to have either the courage or common sense to say it? Again, is she mismanaging the border or is she not interested in managing it at all?

Then there is the backlog of ships at major ports of entry and a shortage of truck drivers, an issue that ultimately lands at the desk of Mayor Pete. I assume it is still his home office desk. Each day, it appears that another container ship parks in the ocean while it waits for the manpower to clear one of scores of others just like it. Once unloaded, other people are required to transport whatever was unloaded. Both are sorely missing. Now, although Buttigieg himself did not deposit the first stimulus checks or add the outrageous figure of $600 to federal unemployment benefits, nor did he unethically mandate an untested vaccine for all able employees working at shipyards or trucking companies, once again he finds himself in the position of Kamala Harris. He could, in his position, advocate for pro-America and common sense solutions. These would include tearing up idiotic climate change policies on trucks, for example. He could also recognize the economic trade off people make when given free money to stay home. He could do a lot of things to solve the crisis. Unlike Harris, he knows he has a future in politics. Is he being a diligent dad or is he practicing very basic CYA?

The list of supposed failures is as long as the number of policies Democrats hold in modern times. At no point is the policy failing because they didn’t have the correct solution; every policy fails because they desire exactly that – failure. Crime, inflation, racial division, and every other topic that comes up has a common sense approach and it has the opposite approach endorsed by Democrats.

If they cared about Covid, they would distribute ivermectin tablets to every American. If they cared about the border, they would enforce, well, the border. If they cared about keeping goods moving, they would acknowledge basic economic realities and back off from the vaccine mandates. Of course, they don’t care about any of these issues – least of all they care about Americans – and so we are left with the ensuing absurdity and chaos.

All that’s left to ask is why the Democrats want to take away our guns.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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