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Six State-Ruining Bills Signed By California Governor Gavin Newsom Since His Recall Victory

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six highly damaging laws and policies that California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into existence since his victory in last month’s recall vote. 

#6: Seven new bills ‘addressing’ homelessness were signed into law by Newsom only two weeks after the vote. 

PF: You wrote another terrific piece we published earlier today which goes into detail on this week’s topic (the damage Newsom has done in the month since his victory) and it lists four items and their specifics. But Newsom has been on such a tear, we’re covering his ridiculousness in back-to-back days. This particular action by Newsom happened on September 29th, only two weeks after the recall vote. Your point that elections have consequences couldn’t have been more accurate, and for California voters, that reality only took fifteen days to prove itself.

Newsom is clearly ignoring The First Rule of Holes, which states: “When you’re in one, stop digging.” California’s homeless situation is a mess precisely because of laws like these. As of last fall, well into the pandemic, homelessness had begun to increase again in the U.S. for the first time in decades, but all of that increase and more was due to the homelessness in California. To put it another way – homelessness in America is on the decline except for California, where the problem is skyrocketing. So, what’s a leftist ignoramus like Gruesome Gavin to do when facing such a crisis? Why, spend more money, of course.

Over the past three years, California has spent $2.4 billion on the homeless, with $7.4 billion designated for homeless programs this year, and another $12 billion earmarked for the next two years. They keep throwing money at the problem, and the problem only worsens. Many of California’s homeless are coming in from out-of-state, and who can blame them? Among many of the other outlandish outcomes from the state’s homeless policies is the housing of homeless folks in luxury hotels. While other states have restricted homeless people from living on streets and have focused on making them self-sufficient, California is rolling out the red carpet. Don’t have a place to live? Want free stuff and nice weather? Come to California, we’d love to have you.

Enabling folks to live on the streets without addressing the root cause like Newsom is doing isn’t compassionate, it’s cruel. And putting that ever-increasing financial burden on taxpayers in a state with almost $2 trillion in debt already isn’t kindhearted, it’s irresponsible.

#5: Covid mandates abound for state workers, entire counties, and every child attending school. 

Parker: Leftism denies basic realities. You pointed that out on the proposed solutions to the very real problem of homeless. Instead of asking why people are homeless to begin with or accepting that poverty, mental health, and homelessness might very well be an endemic condition to the human experience (i.e. there always has been and always will be some form of homelessness in every society), they enact enabling rather than mitigating efforts. That is one facet of leftism: The refusal to accept certain truths.

The other side of that trillion-dollar platinum coin is the absolute drive for power. Leftists cannot abide by the notion of living and let live. (This brings up a frustrating issue with oxymoronic self-identification of “left-leaning libertarians” – but that’s for another day.) In their blind rage to control every facet of individual and societal functions, people like Newsom ignore basic scientific realities about Covid. In short, in an honest conversation both medical professionals and politicians would be able to assert it is no longer a threat. In any event, even if it were, we have no workable solutions. Masks, lockdowns, vaccines – none of those public health measures worked, though we do have successful treatments. Scary or not, we must learn to live with the virus. This, of course, won’t do for fear-mongering power grabbers.

Covid vaccine mandates, which are unethical, immoral, illegal, and unnecessary, are showing up everywhere in the once-Golden State. Somehow, even though other countries never closed down and still more are reopened, America is on the Australian Express. Los Angeles, emboldened by its lunatic voting base and higher ups in Sacramento, issued expansive rules. Likewise, Newsom was the first to issue statewide orders for all healthcare workers. But, and this is the worst of it, after his recall victory, Gavin Newsom issued an edict that all children in California schools, beginning at the age of 5, would be mandated to receive two poisonous jabs. The abject dearth of scientific support for this – ranging from Covid’s decline, vaccinated and masked teachers, and the fact that young people are, thankfully, not at risk to this virus – is astounding and ignored.

To date, less than 500 kids in the entire nation out of 75 million ages 0-18 have died with Covid even being listed as a cause of death. In nearly every instance, there were underlying conditions. The math simply doesn’t add up, unless 1 + 1 = totalitarianism.


#4: A new law requires menstrual products to be supplied in restrooms by schools.


PF: This law is the epitome of the ‘nanny state.’ It’s a solution in search of a problem, and therefore we must wonder: Do leftists sit around and think of new, idiotic ways to spend taxpayers’ money?

Taxpayers across the country are already paying for items such as tampons and maxi-pads through other programs. For those living in poverty, funds provided through food stamps and government welfare should more than cover the relatively trivial costs of these products. But this law is about much more than they would have you believe. This law is virtue signaling at its worst; plain and simple.

The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia explained, “Our biology doesn’t always send an advanced warning when we’re about to start menstruating, which often means we need to stop whatever we’re doing and deal with a period.” It’s nice to hear a Democrat extol the virtues of biology, even if it only happens when it suits them. But herein lies the appeal. These funds are aimed specifically for girls and young women, thereby making it virtuous. However, along with that faux virtue comes a slew of other, more complex questions.

Since there’s no such thing as gender, particularly in California, will these items be provided in boys’ restrooms? Does California even have gender specific bathrooms anymore? If tampons are made available in boys’ restrooms, what percentage of those tampons will be wasted on boys doing stupid things with them (because adolescent boys are inherently stupid, FYI)? If we set the over/under for the answer to that question at 98%, is that number too low?

The government is not the solution to all our problems. But California’s government is once again showing the rest of the country the folly in attempting to be. This law is another example of the insanity brought to you by The Land of Fruits and Nuts.


#3: California will combat systemic and institutionalized racism against black birthing people by dedicating new committees and funding to investigate black maternal mortality rates. 


Parker: The entire premise sounds ridiculous. Systemic racism? Birthing people? I hate what has happened to this country.

To be sure, maternal mortality is no laughing matter. I vividly recall my heightened emotional ups and downs at witnessing the birth of my child. The elation of being a father and the gnawing terror that something could go wrong (particularly when my 10 pound baby got stuck in the birth canal) was quite something. I don’t wish harm, suffering, or loss on anybody.

That being said, this law once again ignores very real issues and paints over them with the hackneyed brush of racism and prejudice. Here are just a few quotes from one of the main lobbyists and obnoxious human beings who championed this bill, going by the name of Nourbese Flint.

The law will “redefine what is possible for birthing people.” Is it possible to get dumber? She is advocating for black women out of one side of her mouth and then erasing them the next. These people are sick and twisted and deranged. But there’s more.

“Although black women are magical, our magic is not enough. It shouldn’t be asked to solve this crisis.” The identity crisis in black America is both tragic and risible. How often do we hear about black pride, black beauty, and now apparently black magic, while simultaneously being lectured on the oppression of blacks? Which one is it?!

Here is the bottom line: Black women suffer from higher rates of maternal mortality because they are more likely to be unhealthy. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and all things weight- and diet-related play an important physiological role in higher tendencies of injury and death. Rather than blame “the white man” for worse outcomes in all health fields (maternal mortality, Covid mortality, etc.) the black community would be far better served by an honest reckoning with personal choices and habits. Until that happens, black moms will continue to bear the consequences of inaction and deflection.


#2: The prison sentences of criminals in California will now be shorter thanks to a new law Newsom just signed.


PF: The bill specifically pertains to crimes related to drugs and gangs. So, if a dealer is caught peddling heroin on the streets and getting kids addicted, or if a gangbanger is out marking his territory and terrorizing citizens on those same streets, Gavin Newsom is going to make sure California’s justice system takes it easy on them. Good idea, Governor. I’m sure this law is going to be fantastic for Californians.

Among other crime statistics, homicides are up by 31% in California, and vehicle thefts are up 20%. Therefore, leftist logic dictates that we decrease sentencing. Go figure. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Those are real people – fellow Americans – who make up those stats. A 31% increase in murders is scary and outrageous, and please don’t tell me about statistics in the rest of the country.

California is falling apart, and the pandemic is just an excuse.

A troubling aspect for me about California’s decline is this: I love California. If it weren’t for the politics, it’d be the perfect state. It’s endowed with remarkable natural beauty, incredible weather, and so many nice people. Unfortunately, many of those nice people are also morons who vote for Democrats every time, and the results are showing. The state is in rapid decline by any metric we want to use, and it’s essentially bankrupt. And as a result, Californians are fleeing by the thousands in what’s being called the California Exodus.

Earlier this year it was announced that due to that exodus, California is losing a Congressional seat, and a corresponding vote in the Electoral College as well, for the first time in the state’s history. California has some of the highest taxes in the country, rampant homelessness, an extremely high cost of living, and runaway debt. Now we’re adding skyrocketing crime rates to the equation? It’s no wonder Californians are leaving for greener pastures, but it is a shame, nonetheless.


#1: California will let adult children put their parents on their health plans in a blatant move to enable and encourage illegal immigration.


Parker: The signing of the Parent Healthcare Act is unabashedly pro-illegal immigration. Thanks to the failed recall efforts, citizens of California are the first in the nation to witness legislation with a singular purpose of aiding, abetting, and inviting more illegal immigration.

Much like the Obama revamping of healthcare practices, which extended the age of adult children allowed to be covered by their parents’ plan until the ripe old age of 26, California is now flipping the intrusion into the private healthcare industry by allowing those same adult children to add their parents, which was necessitated by millions of illegal and uninsurable aliens residing in Northern Mexico.

I think I have been fairly consistent with real problems. Whether it is Covid and vaccination mandates, black maternal mortality, or now illegal immigration, I have both empathy and solutions for those affected. Vaccine mandates? Yes, I am sorry people die with Covid, and I wish they had access to treatments rather than being told to go home and see how sick they get. Yes, I regret that some mothers die as a result of childbirth, and I wish we could wave a wand and spread black magic everywhere as a protective blanket. In reality, we can reduce the risk as much as possible, and that includes lifelong personal choices that affect obesity and other preventable health risks.

With illegal immigration, I regret that this country’s policies have so readily encouraged people to take awful risks. If I were in their tattered shoes, I would probably come here too. Who wants to live in poverty, corruption, and drug violence?

However, that doesn’t preclude a nation far better off than its neighbors to protect its own sovereignty. The United States needs a wall and enhanced perimeter that utilizes both technology and manpower. If there are no illegals living in the shadows, then there are no uninsured illegals starving for medical care – which, by the way, doesn’t exist. Hospitals don’t turn away emergent patients.

As always, the effects of leftism do not ameliorate problems, they either exacerbate them or create new ones altogether. Elections have consequences. California is getting what it deserves, but the people whom it serves are not.

Photo by Shawna Scott at Flickr.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. This “victory” was just another dominion fix with the traitors… 2022 elections will go the same way unless we do something now.

  2. Who cares??? Sucks for conservatives living in California, but our founding fathers established states as incubators and they are free to cross a state border. If Cali wants to go full-on communist, (as long as it passes state and federal constitutional muster), let them. It will soon fail and other states will see how stupid ALL SOCIALISM is. The only real problem is that the next time democrats control the legislator and presidency, they will bail out socialist states and artificially prop them up. By doing this, it will take longer for them to completely fail (in leftist’s eyes).

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