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Now Democrats Are Polluting And Politicizing The Military

Our fearless and courageous leader, Weepy Joe Biden, the same man who repeatedly blesses our military personnel at the end of many of his speeches, undermined those same military forces when he ordered, contrary to Trump’s plan and contrary to Joey’s own military advisors, the evacuation of Bagram Airbase prior to the withdrawal of civilian personnel from Afghanistan. This idiotic order by Joey also got thirteen Marines and Sailors killed by a suicide bomb at Kabul airport, and another of Joey’s orders got numerous Afghan civilians and children killed when he thought he was killing a terrorist.

As if this wasn’t enough to cause our young and patriotic men and women to reject joining the military with a lame-brained Commander in Chief in the Oval office, Joey is now presiding over the imprisonment of two Marines we’ve heard a lot about lately. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller and Lance Corporal Hunter Clark are both wasting away in jail because they let it be known that they are not happy with the way Afghanistan was conducted, so they may rot for years in prison. If either of these men had criticized the Trump administration they would have been treated as heroes, but a leftist Democrat in the White House must never be spoken ill of. These cases of military imprisonment are in direct keeping with the Biden administration running soldiers out of the National Guard guarding the Capitol building in D.C. if they hadn’t voted Democrat in the last election. Leftists insist on everyone agreeing with them or losing their rights as American citizens.

The Generals who run the military are either leftists themselves or desirous of covering for Joey’s dementia and remaining in the good graces of Democrat leaders like the fool Nancy Pelosi, with whom General Milley conspired against the then-president during the Trump administration.

Biden and the insane Democrats are doing deep, lasting and irrevocable damage to America, Americans and to our children’s future. The Democrats currently serving in office were placed there under an oath to protect and defend the constitution along with a tacit understanding that they would obey the laws and make America more free and prosperous than when they took office, not less so. These lying fools must be opposed without letup in the upcoming elections.

And we now know that Democrat candidates’ intention is to make America more indebted and less prosperous, and to create a government that will allow them to rule with an iron fist and imprison anyone who gets in the way of their personal power.

Is America in trouble, or what?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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