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Fake news or new Catholic beliefs? You decide.

President Biden took off to Europe as he set out on his latest apology tour since taking office. As he was set to meet with world leaders, he decided to make a stop by the Vatican for an apparent checkup on his standing with the Pope.

For months, conservative media has covered the calls by faith leaders across the US for Biden to be denied communion. With his acceptance of abortion, it goes directly against the beliefs of the Catholic church. Or was that changed on Friday?

Media outlets are reporting that Biden was told by Pope Francis that he should continue to receive communion. In fact, the AP took it as far as to report that Biden was a “good Catholic.”

It is common knowledge that Pope Francis is well-informed regarding current events. There is no way he is not informed about Biden’s stance on abortion and the rumblings among Catholic leaders in the US. But apparently, the Pope was willing to overlook that in his meeting with Biden.

The AP is reporting that abortion did not even come up in the conversation with the Pope. Odd that a current topic and social issue was not mentioned by the Pope, who is typically ready to jump into social issues and share his opinion.

The Pope has also refused to take the official stance of Catholics in regards to abortion. So far in his tenure, he has not rejected any leader who has expressed support for abortion. But he has also not weighed in on whether those should be refused communion.

So one of two things happened on Friday. Either the Pope changed the belief of Catholics regarding abortion or the fake news media is pushing an agenda to try to save Biden’s stance in front of Americans of faith.

On one hand, I want to believe that the Pope would remain in a stance of faith and the protection of life. As I have already said, Pope Francis has proven that he is more than willing to wade into social issues and change the official opinion of the Catholic church. So it really should not be surprising if he is changing the position on abortion.

Such a move would be a major shift for Catholics and faith-based organizations across the world. In the United States, faith-based groups have been in the spotlight for their beliefs, such as Catholic organizations that did not want to provide birth control to Americans as part of their healthcare insurance. I’m not convinced this is what happened here though.

What I do believe is happening is another case of fake news media and how the mainstream media is spreading propaganda to once again help Joe Biden. Mainstream outlets wanted to block the story about leaders wanting to refuse Biden communion. What better way to combat it than a story about how Biden is a “good Catholic?”

Is this a change in the Catholic stance on abortion or is it more fake news? Or could it be both? The evidence is here, you decide.

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  1. The Vatican cut the feed of the live meeting because Joe fainted when he saw horns Pope out of Franky’s head.

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