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Extending The National Motto Of “Never Forget” To The Biden Administration

A week or so ago the leftist National School Board Association (NSBA) sent a desperate letter to Biden’s esteemed Attorney General, Merrick Garland, asking him to investigate all persons who demonstrated against the far-left Critical Race Theory currently being presented to children in America’s classrooms. The A.G. responded willingly and happily to the request, and sicced the FBI on anyone even remotely involved in these important demonstrations against the racism coming from the political left and from teachers and their unions. There was never any evidence of terrorist activities by the concerned parents who were the subject of the NSBA letter, and Garland’s sole proof of such activity was the phony letter sent by the far-left NSBA. So with no evidence of any criminal activity, let alone any terrorist activity, Biden’s attorney general attacked concerned parents with the full force of the FBI.

But now that the American public has had time to absorb the radical politics coming from the Biden administration, and from the school boards at too many locations across the country, and have begun to push back against the leftist racism being taught to our children, the school board association sent another letter to Garland retracting the charge of domestic terrorism against concerned parents, and apparently the ever-obedient Garland has told the FBI to back down on investigations regarding parents being considered terrorists.

I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not forgive the National School Board Association for identifying and charging parents as terrorists, and I’ll never forgive the Biden administration for responding to the fictitious charge with the full force of the federal government’s ability to destroy innocent people’s lives, when the parents were only, and solely, trying to protect their children from racism and from Democrats who are trying to shove racist crap down the throats of America’s school children.

Under Merrick Garland’s corrupt, leftist leadership of the Justice Department, the FBI was charged with investigating those parents who resist having racism become a part of their children’s education curricula, while the FBI sat on their rear ends and did nothing in 2020 while ANTIFA and BLM rioted, burned and killed all summer long, with little or no punishment being meted out to those radical-left criminals who performed the terrorist actions.

America must never forget the ease with which the Democrat party, under Joe Biden, responded to unfounded accusations against fellow citizens, and the willingness of our leftist Democrat party to take our constitutional rights away and put all who disagree with their fascist/socialist principles in prison in order to shut us up.

In addition, we must also never forget that the Biden administration is lying about the danger of covid and is trying to force us to take the covid vaccine even if we don’t need to or want to, and at a time when cases of the disease have declined greatly.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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