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Acosta: Conservatives deserve to be punished for being bullies

CNN’s Jim Acosta is still himself triggered by those on the right, as was evident in a recent video on his failing CNN show. In his most recent episode, he called Donald Trump the “bully in chief” and spent 5 minutes building up to calling him that. He made the comments while Trump was in Iowa making his most recent comments.

In the 5 minute buildup, Acosta started by sharing how those on the right standing against mandatory vaccines and government tyranny are going unpunished. He said that we were becoming a nation of bullies, as parents show up to school board meetings to take a stand for their children’s education. He identified everyone who is standing against the radical left’s agenda as a bully to be clear.

Acosta wants to point fingers at those on the right while refusing to acknowledge the issues on the left. He has ignored the border crisis, refusing to go after the Biden administration for their failures. He refused to acknowledge the bullying and terrorist activities of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They actually killed people, destroyed property, and more through their actions.

But those who are on the right are bullies and should be punished. That’s what Acosta said. He said that these activities will continue because there is no punishment for those who are going around being bullies.

Acosta believes that you should just roll over and let the radical left do whatever they please. He believes that the government knows best for you and your family and that if you stand for your freedom, no matter which one, you should be punished.

He went as far to say that those who believe in the Trump agenda, that they are dark in their souls like Donald Trump. He said, “can you feel the darkness that fills his soul filling yours? It feels cold doesn’t it?” To be honest Jim, it does not feel cold at all.

What it feels like is that Americans are tired of the rollover and take it garbage that you and your propaganda-spewing media partners are forcing down their throats. It feels like Americans realize that their freedoms are being taken away one by one by a totalitarian dictator who occupies the White House. After all, we don’t have to call him President out of respect do we, since that’s what you and your radical friends taught us.

Acosta also derided Republicans for their election investigation requests and for not participating in the congressional witch hunt into the events on January 6. You can see his full comments in the video below.

It seems that Jim Acosta forgets that he set out in the bullying tactics while he was a White House correspondent for CNN. He openly attacked the press secretary at the time, interrupting constantly. He openly pushed the Russia collusion hoax, which proved absolutely nothing. Yet, he wants to attack Republicans for not participating in the latest version of the radical left’s time-wasting investigations.

It seems that Acosta, and the rest of the radical left, are upset because Conservatives are finally standing up and fighting back. For far too long they have allowed the radical left, and radical communist tyrants like Acosta, to dictate what should happen in our nation. They have brainwashed our children, removed our freedoms, and we were told it was all in the name of “progress.”

If standing for freedom is wrong, then I guess I am a bully. There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing for freedom, fighting against the brainwashing radical agenda in our schools, and standing for the right to decide what enters your body. After all, the radicals are the ones that taught us ‘my body my choice’ right?

There is no punishment for standing for freedom. There is no punishment for standing against the communist agenda and the radical push to eliminate our Constitution. There is a significant punishment for remaining silent and that’s what Acosta wants. He wants you to remain silent so they can win.

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One Comment

  1. So, where does the reader go to find logic in what you are dishing? People objectiing to mandatory government requirements are not the bullies, Mr. Acosta. Your perspective is twisted.

    Those officials who seem to govern through edicts and mandates have the wrong notion about government. You lead and inspire by example. If you are wise, you won’t order your citizens to do something, or else. That is particularly true when there are potentially negative health consequences for a subset of citizens. The people who push back against the arbitrary and shallow mandate are simply making it cleear to all that mandates are not only unreasonable and irrational, but they are also avoidable.

    A wise political leader is not going to deliver his subjects to safety by threatening them with punishment is they don’t obey you. He can enjoy greater success by encouraging them to choose a recommended course of action. The DeBlasios and Whitmers of the world will go down in the history books as insecure tyrants, while the DeSantis exemplars will be seen as inspirational leaders!
    You, on the other hand, don’t recognize up from down and. certainly not, left from right!

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