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With Joey Biden As President, The Term “Never Forget’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

For the last 20 years, the generally understood meaning of the term “Never Forget” was a reminder to keep the 9-11 world trade Center in mind so it would not happen again.

But with an idiot like Joey Biden in the White House it’s become necessary to re-imagine the phrase with Weepy Joey in mind:

Never forget the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster caused by no one but old Joey.
Never forget the thirteen military people killed due to Joey’s stupidity.
Never forget Joey’s the non-stop masking mandates.
Never forget Joey’s mandate that every single American must get vaccinated, period!
Never forget Joey’s multi-trillion dollar spending packages.
Never forget the January 6th persecution of Trump supporters.
Never forget Joey’s charge that America is a racist nation.
Never forget Joey’s charge that America consists of white supremacists.
Never forget Joey stumbling up the jet aircraft loading ramp.
Never forget Joey’s mumbling, fumbling and stammering any time he tried to talk.
Never forget the open southern border that has allowed diseased people to flow into our nation and end up who-knows-where as Joey distributes them throughout the nation.
Never forget Joey’s injury to our nation with his warming/change legislation.
Never forget the wokeness that has allowed our nation to drop its defenses, which could be just another deadly mistake under Joe Biden.
Never forget the fear imposed by Joey’s administration on gullible Americans through his masking mandates and his vaccination orders.
And never forget that the Democrat party was fully behind old Weepy when he pulled his endless shenanigans against American citizens.

The original intent of the “never forget” phrase was to keep America on guard against further attacks like 9-11, and it’s self-centered people like Joey Biden who consider their meaningless political objectives and personal aggrandizement to be more important than our national defense.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. I thought it was Donald Trump who said we need to bring our troops back, but smartly by leaving a contingent force of about 2500 key people behind to have eyes and ears there in the event of insurgencies of the Taliban, ISIS, and Al-qaeda by providing a quick response team in that event. He never said
    (at least I don’t remember him saying) He was going to make a total withdrawal spontaneously without having a contingency plan. The media better not even go there to put the blame on President Trump for all of Joe Biden’s foolish decisions.

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