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Week In Review: Three Must-Know Stories (Vol. 6)

The Blue State Conservative

Anthony Fauci still has a job despite more WIV gain-of-function revelations, Larry Elder closes the gap and is days away from being the next governor of California, and Joe Biden issues far-reaching mandates on “vaccination” in one of the most divisive and volatile executive orders in presidential history.

1. The thoroughly corrupt and morally bankrupt Anthony Fauci faces renewed calls to resign after a left-wing site publishes previously unseen emails that further corroborate his funding of the Wuhan Lab and later perjury during Senate committee testimonies.

  • Does anyone remember the Verizon commercials when the same guy kept asking if we could hear him? Well, I ask this of Fauci: Can you resign for us now?
  • To be clear, resignation isn’t enough. As a result of his mendacity, people have died and lost their livelihoods. A pension-filled retirement is too good for Fauci; he belongs in jail.
  • That being said, he won’t go to jail, because there are two justice systems in America. We know this, and Fauci will be the latest benefactor of residing in the upper tier. He joins the ranks of multiple Clintons and Bidens (among others), who, had they been a regular citizen, would be serving life behind bars for treasonous and fatal actions. If I tried to do one-tenth of what Anthony Fauci has done in terms of illegal money siphoning, cover-up, and oath-breaking, my chances of facing consequences are greater than my survival odds from Covid, which stood at 99.997% before I had it and are essentially 100% after having gotten it.
  • A lot of people make the argument that it doesn’t matter where the virus came from since we still have to combat it anyways. This is bologna, but aside from that stupid claim, there is a bigger picture not being seen in making it. From the beginning, globalists and self-styled elites have engaged in a massive coverup. If they wittingly lied about Covid’s origins, we have to ask why. And then, we have to ask about what else is being covered up. Why are conversations about safe, effective, and available HCQ/IVT shut down? Why are vaccines being pushed? Why is panic porn being spread against a very survivable virus? If it was a lab virus – and it was – then presumably scientists knew what it was and was not capable of; they would have known it wouldn’t be a serial killer. (It might have killed the frail by design in order to exploit fear while not even causing excess deaths.) So yes, the initial origin cover-up is a big deal.
  • The plandemic finally woke me up to the Deep State’s and globalist’s ambitions. There is nothing benign about the response to Covid. Now, even if people aren’t quite ready to make that jump to the realm of conspiracy (which at this point just seems like a word to describe prescience rather than paranoia), can’t we all agree that the handling of Covid should be arousing everyone’s suspicions? Who still trusts Democrats, the media, and the medical establishment after the obvious lying? It says a lot about a person’s mental health and sanity if they still go along with this. They scare me because they’d do anything to keep the narrative going. Anything.

2. Democrats and the entire leftist cabal are terrified of a Larry Elder victory in California’s gubernatorial recall election.

  • Without fear of repercussions or awareness of irony, the Los Angeles Times derided Larry Elder as the black face of white supremacy. It did so because Elder is not trapped on the thought plantation of victimhood and identity politics. 
  • Now, the Times treated its duped readers into this headline: Larry Elder cuts short homeless encampment tour after hostile confrontation.” I admit, my first take was that he might have been booed or something. Silly me; I should have known better. What actually happened is far more sinister. A white woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at his head. 
  • The homeless are notoriously helpless and hurting, so I won’t necessarily ding the nutty lady for her shenanigans. However, I will point out that the system has enabled people like her to fearlessly attack other human beings. Worse, the media is angling this attack on Elder as an attack on him and his ideas. It reminds me of when George W. Bush had a shoe thrown at him. Same thing; the media made it out to be as if he deserved it.
  • Replace Larry Elder with Barack Obama and a white male with the crazy hag  – and then tell me how the media would be covering this story. I won’t have to wait long for your answer.
  • The appropriate coverage of this story should be somewhere in the middle. A deranged lunatic, acting as an individual and not a representative of a larger group, acted stupidly and cowardly. Neither a black libertarian like Elder nor a progressive idiot like Obama should have to endure such backwardness from people. 
  •  The Times story summarizes the left’s open panic about potentially losing this recall election. The weather, waves, and weed must melt peoples’ brains out there because less than twenty years ago Californians were doing the same thing. I have lived in a deranged blue state my whole life, and even then I’ve never had the pleasure of a recall. Don’t these people realize that it doesn’t matter the person’s name; it only matters if a (D) comes behind it on the ballot? Did they think Newsom would be a good Democrat? Do they still believe Democrats represent the working men and women? 
  • I thought Donald Trump would win in a landslide. Many say he did. Regardless, he is not in the White House, and that is what worries me about this recall effort. In a fair and honest election, there is no way Elder loses. But if Democrats can cheat and steal their way through red states like Arizona and Georgia, we should all be a little worried about what they could accomplish in the corrupt political hellscape of California.
  • Go to ElectElder.com and be sure to tell everyone you know in California to vote “yes to recall” on the first question and vote for Larry Elder on the second. The future of California and the country depend on it.

3. Joe Biden signs an executive order mandating “vaccination” for federal employees and contractors, healthcare workers, and private companies with over 100 employees – even going so far to remove the previous testing option.

  • “First they came for the unvaccinated – but I was not unvaccinated, so I did not speak out.” Although many vaccinated Americans support Biden’s move, it is only a matter of time before the next decision affects them. Knowing Democrats, it won’t be for the better. Will it be a passport? Social credit system? Climate change restrictions? Runaround of the Second Amendment? By the time enough sheep actually wake up, it will be too late. There will be one left to speak for them.
  • The tone of the speech was contemptible.  Joe Biden, who campaigned as the Great Unifier, displayed open animus and hatred toward half the country. Placing blame and staying that patience is wearing thin on unvaccinated Americans is the epitome of poor leadership. The speech and executive order did not but accelerate a civil war.
  • To that point, I would welcome a more combative resistance to Democrat tyranny. Is there another option? Secession has too much to work out and seems even less likely than confrontation.
  • Joe told blacks that they actually weren’t black if they voted for the other guy. Now, though, apparently unvaccinated blacks are as bad as white-raging Trumpers, so this is quite the pickle. Blacks, more than any other subgroup, are not taking this kill shot. The lesson as always is that blacks are getting used and abused by Democrats.
  • For the last year and a half, we were told that regular testing was an essential strategy to mitigate Covid. Was that a lie, too? Even just a few weeks ago, the Biden administration was open to testing as an alternative to vaccination. Surely the science didn’t change in that short window. Indeed, as with all of the “evolving” science surrounding Covid, this mandate is just a political tool.
  • Let’s be absolutely clear about one thing: The vaccine doesn’t slow or stop the spread of Covid. Israel’s highly-vaccinated country proves as much. So, it’s pertinent to ask the real motivation behind this move. Why do they want us all vaccinated so badly?
  • How far can Democrats take Covid? By the looks of it, quite far. The federal workers’ union, which is itself a sham, agreed to the measure. At what point will Americans resist this indefensible tyranny? And what will that resistance look like? In the Bush era, we were told ad nauseam that dissent was patriotic. If so, sign me up. 
  • Reason #5,383,292 that Joe Biden and Democrats care only about control and power. They are evil.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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