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The Stench From Biden’s Washington Gets Worse By The Hour

Now we know that the Democrats attempted to frame Trump for the phony Russian collusion lie. We know that Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were legit. We know that Joey and Hunter were selling their influence to China. We know that Joey got American service personnel killed getting out of Afghanistan and that they blamed this horrible incident on Trump, whose exit plan was ignored by Biden. We know that Trump was key to the production of covid vaccination and that Joey and Kamala bad-mouthed anything that Trump had a hand in developing; we know that the border was under control with Trump in charge and that when Joey opened the border, the invasion of America began; we know that under Trump, America achieved energy independence, and that under Biden we are once again dependent on the Arabs because Joey killed the Keystone pipeline, thereby causing gasoline prices to increase vastly; we know that France is mightily angry with the U.S. since Joey stiffed them on the submarine deal, thus causing a major rift in NATO relations that survived the Trump dues negotiations that the Dems were so worked up about in the rose-colored days of the Trump administration.

And now we have the president of the United States swearing to punish and fire one of his own border guards before any hearings or a trial can be held to determine what actually happened at the border crossing in Texas. The actions taken along the violent border were in direct line of duty and training for the guard, with his government-provided horse and his government-provided reins. The guard was hired to control entry of all persons seeking to illegally pass into the United States, and this control is why Joey has his knickers in such a twist. Of course, Democrats fall back once again on their charges of racism when they defame the guard. Their charges of the guard beating a Haitian with a whip are still unfounded and highly doubtful, but the fact that Joey opened the border in violation to United States law is a fact, founded on a firm understanding of settled law, and is to Joey‘s detriment.

Joey’s policies related to the border have caused a million-plus illegals to cross the border with no checks as to their character or health, and have made the border guards’ job infinitely more difficult, and illegal passage has escalated to the point where the Texas guard had to twirl his reins to get a Haitian to cease his efforts to illegally cross the line presented by the several guards who were on duty that day.

Joe Biden is the only person at fault here, and any human suffering, whether of guards or invaders, is completely on his shoulders, just like the deaths in Afghanistan were the fault of this stupid old man.

If Joey does independently punish the guard for his actions, and if the remainder of the other much-maligned guards decide they don’t want to risk punishment for simply doing their jobs and resign, just as police officers throughout the nation fear legal punishment at the hands of the defund-the-police leftist loons, how will any resistance be offered at our border as an entire world of poor people try to get here for Joey’s offering of health care and government support for their families? Without doubt, that was Joey’s intent all along: to gain millions of Democrat voters entering our non-existent borders and keeping Dems in power forever.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Why do some people think they are judge, jury and executioner? Waiting for ol’ joe to put a badge on and grab a night stick and go out and arrest the naughty people whom he wants to make pay for their crimes, then he can be sheriff too. He’ll have a heck of a wild good time telling the story of how he single-handedly captured a border patrol guard riding a horse waving the reins and scaring the illegals. He’s already decided on the guilt of this border guard and has sentenced him to pay. Pay what tho’? Wonder if ol’ joe will be proud to put the noose around his prisoner’s neck then release the trapdoor under him? I’m beginning to think screwy joe would enjoy all of it.

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