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Biden to Order Rule Requiring Mass Vaccination, Surveillance

President Joe Biden will order the Department of Labor to require all companies with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccination or carry out weekly COVID-19 surveillance on those individuals despite the administration’s earlier statements that mandates are unnecessary and not the role of government.

The president announced Thursday that he will mandate vaccinations for federal employees in the executive branch of government, contractors working for the government, and the employees of companies with 100 or more workers – a rule likely to affect more than 100 million Americans. They will also require masks and more COVID surveillance and tracking in schools.

The mandates come shortly after Biden said, “I don’t think it should be mandatory,” and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that vaccine mandates are “not the role of the federal government.”

Biden’s plan will continue the mask requirement for all interstate travel on mass transit (planes, trains, busses) and it impresses upon owners of entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination or a negative test result before entry.

Biden’s 6-prong plan is really just forced vaccination, mask mandates, increased surveillance and publicizing of already available therapeutics:

  • Vaccinating the Unvaccinated (forced vaccination)
  • Furthering Protection for the Vaccinated (mask mandates and increased surveillance)
  • Keeping Schools Safely Open (forced vaccination, mask mandates and increased surveillance)
  • Increasing Testing and Requiring Masking (mask mandates and increased surveillance)
  • Protecting Our Economic Recovery (forced vaccinations, mask mandates and increased surveillance)
  • Improving Care for Those with COVID-19 (publicize already available therapeutics)

The “increasing testing and requiring masking” will affect public schools who will otherwise be threatened with shutting down – the preferred action of the teachers unions.

To improve “care for those with COVID-19,” Biden need only look to published studies showing that monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine offer exactly that – just as former President Trump announced last year. All Biden has to do is spread the news so that the media is forced to repeat it. At least his plan pushes monoclonal antibodies, which are not yet available at all hospitals, but it avoids any discussion of other, highly-available and very affordable therapeutics.

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  1. whatever they do, it is NOT a law. The criminal democrat party can cry all they want. We will not comply.

  2. SCREW HIM! I am vaccinated but will not prove to anyone.. MY BUSINESS NOBODY ALSES!!!!! HIPPA LAWSARE THERE TO PROTECT OUR PRIVACY. So go choke on your ice cream cone JOE>>>

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