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The CDC says ‘the war has changed.’ Boy has it ever.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is quoted to have said that the war against COVID has changed. Reuters reports that the CDC is calling for acknowledging that the war against COVID has changed and a dramatic change to actions. It was part of ‘leaked’ documents from the CDC.

What has caught most attention in the documents is the discussion about the effectiveness of the vaccines and the high probability that vaccinated individuals transmit the Delta variant if they have a breakthrough infection. Another point was the call for universal masking, which you can see in red text below from the document.

Screenshot from CDC documents calling for universal mask mandate

I agree those are interesting discussion points, but something else caught my eye. It was not what they said, but exactly how they worded it.

In the documents, the CDC says ‘the war has changed’ and boy has it ever.

By now, we all realize that the Democrats are politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic for all it is worth. From mask mandates to forced vaccinations, the Democrats see this as the ultimate power grab.

That is absolutely nothing new for the Democrats. They have always been about power and seizing power. The biggest change is that they have effectively weaponized the CDC to be a political pawn of the radical left. They are utilizing the organization to pressure the nation into submission.

So perhaps, for the CDC, the war has changed. No longer are they fighting diseases in the name of public health. Instead, they are waging war on freedom-loving Americans.

We had an article that ran on Friday evening that talked about how the actions of the Biden regime were traveling down the road that could lead to violence. Is it not ironic that the CDC used the words vaccine and universal masks in correlation with the term war?

The CDC was never meant to be weaponized against the American people. But in the normal “never let a crisis go to waste” Democrat’s mind, it was the perfect opportunity to force their hand and move us toward the Marxist nation they want us to be.

The plan is simple: they will force Americans into submission hiding behind the disguise of public health. They will say that the government knows best and that you simply cannot make the decision on your own. That’s been their suggestion up to this point, but now, they will argue that you simply are not capable of deciding what is acceptable for you and your family’s health.

Such a move would be just the beginning. If Democrats are successful in weaponizing the CDC against a pandemic like this, can you imagine what they could accomplish in the name of public health against other pandemics?

For example, they could declare gun violence a public health pandemic. In order to save yourself from gun violence, the only possible solution would be to force everyone to turn in their guns. They will argue that it is for your own health and you simply are not able to make a decision on your own. After all, the government knows best right?

Perhaps they move toward religion after that. Many religions are pro-freedom and personal choice. That could be detrimental to your health and public health. It may be better to have someone from the government review your messaging and make sure that it will be safe for everyone to hear and enjoy. After all, the government knows best right?

Maybe they take on election security this way as well. We all know they want to make permanent their mail-in voting schemes and any other method that could help them remain in power. Perhaps it’s the housing crisis. If the government does not provide free housing for all, then no one can truly be healthy. I am absolutely certain that they will attempt to push the Green New Deal through as a public health crisis. How can we make sure that anyone is truly healthy without forcing them into full communism? After all, the government knows best what they will say.

By now, I think anyone will admit that the coronavirus is real and it has taken the lives of many people across the globe. I don’t think anyone denies the fact that people are getting sick. But people continue to deny the fact that face masks are not proven to work and the choice to take a vaccine should be yours to make. It should not be a forced government control exercise by the radical left on the American people.

Instead of it being an exercise, they have weaponized the CDC. The CDC has the authority to force Americans into submission based on section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264). You can find out more here if you wish.

The Democrats are keenly aware of this. They understand the weapon that they have in the name of public health. They only have to convince the CDC to declare the things they want a public health crisis. So far, the CDC has been more than willing. So yes, the war for the CDC has changed. Instead of doing its job, it is a political pawn for the radical left. It has declared war on American citizens in the name of public health.

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  1. The CDC ceased to be relevant to me when they talked about a Zombie Apocalypse, in jest or not they aren’t to be taken seriously!

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