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President Biden Addresses the Nation on Failures in Afghanistan – 8/16/21

President Joe Biden addresses the nation on the failed Afghanistan exit plan.

The president is scheduled to speak at 3:45 PM EDT.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Joe must be exhausted, he’s set the u.s. back 20 years in 7 short months. He is a phony. Soros is president. RESIGN NOW.

  2. Blame, blame, blame, for decades now it is the blame game, Create a crisis and their solution is to throw money at it, if it does not work, then blame, wash, rinse, repeat. It is amazing to me that the American people do not recognize the pattern.
    Biden is correct that we should not be nation builders, but previous Presidents allowed it to be so, and frankly that IS our history, we rebuilt Europe after the World Wars, we rebuilt Japan, we are still many bases overseas, BUT, with that said, his withdrawal was heinous, reckless, foolish and idiotic frankly, and the only thing he has to fall back on is to blame “the other guy”… Ahh didn’t he just sound so great in his defense (barf).
    I frankly blame the Republicans that allowed the hate, the divide and the attacks that have occurred against the “right” that has so empowered the left and has left a puppet to destroy, our good name, our military strengths, etc. Just look at what China said to Taiwan about “trusting their allies” oh, boy did we stick a big feather into China’s cap! Who will ever trust us again, and YES, Republicans you are FULLY responsible as well! There, I did it, I blamed the other guys, but all of D.C. is fully responsable to allow a feckless, useless human to have the highest office in the land! We get the government we deserve, we allowed it to be so!

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