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From Dumb, To Delusional, To Deranged, To Dangerous, Biden Threatens Us All

Back in the good old days, a week ago, when we just thought Joey Biden was simply a decent-meaning old man with mental problems that a good nap would fix, and who would take the good advice of his advisors and keep the nation out of harm’s way, we were badly mistaken.

Our president has the kind of fantasy-world mental defect that does stupid, illogical things based on voices he hears in his head, and when his policies fail and people are hurt or killed, he insists that everyone else is wrong and that he was right in the things he did, and then uses his powers as president to blame everyone advising him and shut out all criticism. Then he moves blindly on to the next idiotic policy that he also succeeds to wreck, which hurts the nation, and also undermines our constitution, which, of course, is of no concern to Joey.

Killing the Keystone pipeline hurt both the craftsmen working the pipeline and harms American citizens who need the domestic, American source of fuel in a world where the flow of oil may be stopped by tyrants at any moment.

Continuing a national lockdown long after it was obvious that it was doing nothing to rid our nation of covid is another perfect example of Joey’s worthless ideas. But he insisted that he was correct in continuing the lockdown in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary.

Masking against a 99.7 percent survivable disease and a weak deviant does no good at all, but Joey persists in his belief that he‘s saving the world by forcing everyone to wear a cheap, porous, paper mask.

Mandatory vaccinations for all Americans, even for those who have survived the disease and have the anti-bodies to protect them, is a worthless action and allows leftist dictatorial fools like Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to harm the lives of people who don’t need, or just don’t want, a vaccination. The only person who could be harmed by not being vaccinated is the non-vaxxed person himself, so what sane president, mayor or governor would insist on revoking the personal and medical rights of the resistor, and legally force them to get the unwanted drug?

But the Afghanistan tragedy has gotten people killed and tens of thousands of Americans and our allies unable to find a way out of the invaded and dangerous country, and has entrapped an entire nation under the evil Shia control of the Taliban forces from hell. Yet Joey still insists that his every move was the right thing to do, and that things are going pretty well in Afghanistan and will get better as his divine plan works its way to fruition.

Barack Obama is famous for warning us to not “underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up“, and now we know why. May God help us survive this fool, demented, man.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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