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Failure To Launch- The Infrastructure Bill – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The bottom line here is Congress is clearing the decks in order to shove through a 2,700-page infrastructure bill that’s filled from stem to stern with amendments that have little to do with infrastructure and a lot to do with pork and tyranny.

Congress continues to spend like drunken sailors. If they’re successful in launching their $1 trillion bill, it will be followed by more bills and more trillions of dollars wasted. Only two percent will be spent on “infrastructure.”

A trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon it adds up to real money. Let’s hope their infrastructure bill sinks upon launch. Otherwise, the ship of our Republic will sink.

We’re sunk as a nation if we allow Biden to continue at the helm.

— Ben Garrison

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  1. This is just the normal huge bill full of democrat pork and worse. It must not be passed.

  2. hat they are doing is ever so un-responsable that it truly blows my mind. This bill is just another example how those “elected officials” that are 1) Our employees, they duty is to 2) “represent the people”, 3) The money is not EARNED by them 4) They think it is their own money earned by them…it is all a prime example over and over and over how far removed from REAL PEOPLE they are.
    1)They do not even know their own “oath of office”
    They do not know-truly know their constituents
    What Don Bongono said about the “D.C. Bubble: is so right on. They are so protected, so coddled, so self righteous, and they are so far from wright, it scares me how wrong they are.
    That our elected leaders are so ignorant and naive to real life, is so no excuse. BUT, with that said, we get the government we deserve, unless you write, preach, teach and are active in the process of the utter and copmplete outrage over their behavior. yes, we as a people will sink~

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