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Riding Biden Out Of Town On A Rail – Tina Toon

Tar and Feathers will be in short supply soon

New Tina Toon

In Allentown, Pennsylvania an amazing scene unfolded.  Thousands of American citizens lined the streets to watch the “President” drive through their neighborhood on his way to “promote” American manufacturing that Biden is handing over to China. Expect American citizens were not cheering, they were jeering.

Yesterday thousands of Trump flags outnumbered the Biden flags as shouts of “Trump! Trump!” rang through the streets.  The people are awake and are giving fake President Biden a big middle finger.

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  1. Biden was sent by God to make US appreciate all that Trump had done.
    America was getting way too soft and we were having way too much fun

    Trump was in the process of fixing everything that Obama destroyed
    So now it’s the liberals turn to again show US what we need to avoid

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