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What About Those of Us Who Have Had COVID and Survived?

There is a lot of debate currently taking place surrounding the issue of COVID Vaccine Passports and other documentation where they apply to travel, employment, and the freedom to engage in society fully and without restriction. As Nazi-esque as this sounds, the argument is excluding a giant swath of people, illustrating the arrogance of the vax crowd.

I, like a great many others in the United States and around the world, contracted the COVID virus. While I was not hospitalized, it did knock me into a prone position for several days. But after a few weeks – and after the administration of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and the vitamin and mineral cocktail so many doctors have insisted is effective against the virus, I made a full recovery.

Not only did I make a full recovery without complications, I now possess a natural and effective natural immunity to the COVID virus and its variants. A good number of peer-reviewed studies published in several highly respected medical journals have gone so far as to put my natural immunity above that of the immunity provided by the vaccines currently being pushed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the politicians.

But missing – conspicuously – from the conversation surrounding COVID Vaccine Passports and the calls for requiring vaccine documentation for the unfettered re-entry to society are the people, like me, who have survived having the virus – both those who were hospitalized and not; the people with the best immunity to the virus.

Because we have a natural immunity to the virus by virtue of having had the virus, we not only don’t need the non-FDA approved experimental vaccines to stave off the virus, there is no legitimate reason for mandating that we take it. We are the safest people on the planet where exposure to the COVID virus is concerned.

This begs the question. If we don’t need to be inoculated to prevent the spread of the COVID virus or to protect ourselves from contracting the COVID virus – again, why should we be subjected to any documentation requirement mandates and travel or engagement restrictions?

To impose restrictions on a group that is not subject to spreading or contracting the virus is, for all intents and purposes, an act of oppression and a denial of several freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, chiefly the right to the freedom of association.

Yet, those who advocate for the employment of vaccine passports and intrusive documentation measures have no remedy for those of us who have suffered the worst in this COVID event and emerged the most prepared and medically qualified to re-engage society fully and without limitation.

With the world passing the necessary statistical thresholds to facilitate consideration that we have achieved herd immunity where COVID is concerned and with a great many of us having survived COVID infection – through hospitalization and without, and with mortality and infection rates plummeting, the COVID Vaccine Passport and “show us your papers” mentality scream of both insecurity and a deep-seated desire for control.

It is time that we turn the page on the questionable threat that was the COVID “pandemic.” With a survival rate of 98.2 percent in the United States and only three countries in the world (all in the Middle East) with survival rates under 95 percent, it is time to dispense with the ridiculousness of mask mandates and the draconian idea of people having to present papers to travel and enter establishments.

We should not be questing to return to the days of 1939 Germany where the authorities could detain you if you didn’t “show your papers” when commanded. It’s time to end the year-long power trip that so many have waged on others. The numbers just don’t warrant any of it any longer.

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Frank Salvato

You can read all of Mr. Salvato's news analysis at UndergroundUSA.com Frank Salvato is the executive partner at The CompassPoint Group, LLC. He is the host of The Underground and RightMinded podcasts as heard on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, and anywhere podcasts are heard. He is a national political writer for National File. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His analysis has been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times, and Accuracy in Media, and is nationally syndicated. Mr. Salvato appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is the author of six books examining internal and external threats facing our country. He can be heard twice weekly on “The Captain’s America: Third Watch” radio program syndicated nationally on the Salem Broadcasting Network and Genesis Communications affiliate stations.

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