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3 Reasons why Men take the Help of Testosterone Therapy

Unusually low or high levels of testosterone may significantly impact the mental and physical health of a man. Typically, men use a natural testosterone booster to address various medical issues such as improving physical performance, erectile dysfunction, or low testosterone.

Top 3 Uses of Testosterone Therapy in Men 

Below are the top 3 common uses of testosterone therapy in men

  1. Treat Low Testosterone- The testosterone level in men begins to spike in puberty and generally drops by about 1% after 30. The lack of this chief sex hormone in older men can result in health issues such as psychological symptoms, loss of strength and muscle mass, and osteoporosis. Doctors suggest testosterone drugs for treating such symptoms. Though a fall in testosterone levels is regular in aging men, others experience a dip due to disorders of the brain, pituitary gland, and testicles that cause hypogonadism.

Other factors can also result in low testosterone production, such as stress, chronic diseases, cancer treatments, and injury in the testicles. The FDA approved testosterone replacement therapy for men who possess testosterone levels for disorders that cause hypogonadism. Testosterone is being used widely for relieving signs in men that have low testosterone due to aging. Physicians analyze the levels of testosterone in two different categories- free and total.

Most testosterone is fixed to a protein known as SHGB (sex hormone-binding globulin. A small amount of testosterone will be free, and a slight amount attaches and regularly detaches itself from the protein called albumin. The testosterone, which is not fixed to the sex hormone-binding globulin, is free testosterone. For best testosterone therapy, visittrt clinic – NovaGenix.

  1. Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Some men take the help of testosterone for increasing sex drive and treating erectile dysfunction. Studies suggest that testosterone for men with sexual dysfunction, which comprises erectile dysfunction, will help in improving erections in most men who take it. Just a handful of 5% of men faces erectile dysfunction chiefly from low testosterone. The low level of testosterone can lead to ED, yet and likely to reduce sexual desire, which causes erectile dysfunction. The majority of the physicians consider prescribing testosterone to patients till he presents other symptoms. Some doctors admit that few men need Viagra and testosterone for having adequate erections.
  1. Improve Physical Performance – As testosterones enable men to increase performance and muscle mass, bodybuilders and athletes take testosterone drugs and supplements to improve recovery time and increase strength. The practice of using such drugs is known as doping. Bodybuilders use synthetic hormones for rapidly growing muscle mass.

Athletes use both bioidentical and synthetic supplements, and testosterone can aid in increasing muscle mass faster. Athletes who take anabolic steroids will experience that they can improve their strength and endurance by doing an equal amount of training as otherwise, they would.

These are the top three common uses of testosterone therapy in men, though there are many others. For best results, men should consult a physician before taking testosterone drugs, supplements, or therapy as they may have severe side effects. 

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