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Why Would Anyone Call A Desire To Breathe Freely, An Act Of Privilege?

I recently saw a video of an unmasked woman standing in a check-out line at her grocery store, being screamed at and verbally abused by a masked man who said that she was demonstrating “privilege” and a lack of concern for other people by not wearing a mask when out in public.

My major concern for the masked man who was berating the woman, is that this sort of person seems to be so frightened by a non-masked face that they may become violent and physically attack any person who is not wearing a mask. We’ve had annual viruses for decades, and annual vaccinations to ward off each annual disease, but we’ve never had wide-spread masking as a tool in fighting the annual cold and flu season, and we’ve never had people become unhinged at the site of an unmasked person.

So what is the reason for this current societal fear of a disease that is less than one-percent fatal to those few people who contract it (the normal annual flu kills 30,000 to 80,000 people a year and no one takes any particular interest in this number of annual deaths) and why does the covid disease tie our nation in knots of worry and concern for a very survivable illness? And, most important of all, why do masked people feel free to abuse non-masked people? This last question is easy to answer: because Democrats, mainly Joey Biden and his leftist party, have made citizens who don’t believe in masks the culprits in the politics of health he is conducting, and in politics it‘s fair game to attack your opponents any time and in any way you can, in order to win, at all costs..

The most likely reason for the total immersion and fear of this disease is the involvement of government and the insane alarms government officials have raised about it. It’s been clear to everyone for some time that the reason no particular alarm was raised for annual virus seasons for the last 15 years, but suddenly attracted so much attention for the covid variant in 2020, was that Donald Trump was running for re-election in 2020, and big, leftist government could not pass up any attempt to foul his re-election chances, so they jumped on the covid tool with both feet.

Americans have become such cowards and have been so frightened by the constant warnings of the CDC about masking, double masking, vaccinating, then wearing a mask even after being vaccinated, then warning about the non-existent danger of wearing a mask out of doors, then keeping distance from other people near-by, and then vaccinating their children, even though this idea is against medial advice and may be a bad policy, that we’ve become a nation of fools.

But back to the masked man who was calling the unmasked women “privileged“. One wonders exactly what is privileged about wanting to breathe freely and move about without the constant irritant of a useless mask. The woman was not insisting that other people go without a mask, she was acting alone and without any desire to sway anyone to her way of thinking and acting. But the man, who was verbally attacking her, was demonstrating privilege by angrily insisting that all people behave as he was behaving, and wear a mask. Our nation is falling apart under the influence of such fools as the masked man, and the government that is responsible for the masked man‘s attitude.

I have just one question that should be put to this man to demonstrate how idiotic and unscientific he was behaving: If your mask really protects you from covid infection, then how can the woman not wearing a mask harm you in any way? Is it because of the fact that you were forced to have to suffer wearing a mask, so then everyone has to suffer along with you, which only a stupid person would propose. Or do you not really believe that the mask protects you, in which case you’re a fool for wearing one and for not carry on with your life as the mask-free woman was, and as you’ve done during the previous cold and flu seasons we’ve experienced for at least the last decade or more.

America should get ready for our government telling us of variants of the covid each and every year for the rest of our lives, because with this covid evidence that our nation can be brought to a subservient halt by government edict, we could all be forced to wear the absolutely useless and porous masks again in the future. Government leftists will do exactly that, and those of us who insist on living freely without masking will have hard times in the future, especially under the completely unhinged Biden administration and its insistence that we citizens obey the government’s every unscientific or unconstitutional edict, and its insistence that everyone be vaccinated, and then wear a mask, and even a double mask, after being vaccinated.

America is being ruled by totally stupid, dictatorial, anti-science people who demand obedience and praise for their every announcement. And our constitution cannot protect us from such people, because dictators cannot be stopped and will not obey any rules of decency or legality, except their belief that government cures all ills and makes no mistakes when they lie about things they don’t understand. Democrats want to make those traditionally non-political things political, or even criminal, in order to get obedience, and they will refer to “compassion” and “science” as their guiding light and justification for their every rule and order.

Those fools who insist that everyone must wear a mask are the privileged ones, and the woman the masked man was yelling at, have become the objects of the privileged class’s anger and frustration. And the next under-class of people to be yelled at, abused and denied constitutional rights, are the people who personally desire to NOT be vaccinated, but are healthy and active because they’ve achieved herd immunity on their own. These people will be made to suffer for their lack of privilege.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Instead of teaching CRT in schools all teachers and professors need to teach the knuckleheads when to speak and when not to speak. Some think nothing of harassing a complete stranger in stores or wherever there might be a crowd to perform for. Not many people teach their kids how to be polite or just to mind their own business and be quiet when out in public. There are times when starting a conversation with someone in a store is acceptable, and it’s friendly, but not to harass others. Obviously if someone is out and about they probably don’t have covid and everything will be fine.

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