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The Crucial Moment Facing the Republican Party

There should be little doubt that the moment facing the Republican party is a critical one. This is not just about Donald Trump, Liz Cheney, or any individual person at all, but that is not what you are hearing from the mainstream media and the Democrats. According to the radical left, this is all about Donald Trump and how he is dangerous to society.

The moment is not about Donald Trump, however, but rather about the Republican party and where it stands in moving forward. I do believe that former President Donald Trump was correct when he said that the Republican party should not be split to create a third party. Such a move would be detrimental to politics almost certainly guaranteeing us a socialist future. But that is not to say that the Republican party is not due for some major reform to be viable into the future.

We are seeing the opportunity presenting for that reform right before our eyes with two key RINO’s. Both Liz Cheney and former President George W Bush have both jumped into the political arena to make their voices heard in the past few months. Both are prime examples of why the Republican party must change.

For Cheney, the mainstream media presents this as an argument of Cheney versus Trump. They want everyone to believe that Cheney is a brave person for taking a stand against Trump and that Trump is radical and dangerous. The truth is that Cheney’s centrist views are a threat to the existence of conservatism. With leadership like Cheney, the Republican party is too weak to stand against the radical views and ideas of the Democratic Party. Instead, it’s back to the typical concessional approach of past Republicans.

The truth is that Cheney has lost touch with what the conservatives across America really want. It’s not that concessional approach, but rather someone who will stand up and fight for what is right. That’s why support for her is waning across the party, as many Republicans see that their future will also be limited if they continue to support Cheney. With McCarthy’s hot mike moments on Fox News and the reports that Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is building support to take over, it appears Cheney’s future is very short.

But it is not just Cheney that is causing the issues, the former president is as well. Bush has been outspoken on the Republican party’s movements under President Donald Trump. He shared that immigration reform is necessary, even though the majority of conservatives do not support the reform that Democrats and these centrist Republicans want. Bush believes that the message he shares is a popular one, but perhaps he should consider that Trump received more votes in both of his elections than he ever did with his centrist stance.

Americans are not interested in the feel-good, appeal to everyone mode of politics from these RINO’s. Anyone can see this with the recent response to Sen. Mitt Romney when he tried to speak in Utah and was booed continuously. Americans are ready to fight for their country and what they believe in, rather than rolling over as has been done so many times in recent political history.

Donald Trump was brash. There’s no one that will argue that point. He would make harsh statements just like the businessman from New York that he was. But he was not a sellout in regards to policy. He was willing to fight just like the radical left for conservative ideals and values. But instead of focusing on the policy and the stance, too many inside the Republican party allowed the Democrats and their propaganda partners of the mainstream media to shape the narrative about Donald Trump.

They made the argument that the man was the party, rather than seeing the man represented the people that elected him to do a job. It’s the same mindset that has plagued DC politics for years. They seem to forget that they are there to represent the will of the people. Democrats believe they are there to force their will onto the people and Republicans seem to believe they exist simply to slow down the rapid transition of the country.

But across this great country, Americans believe that this country is still worth fighting for. They still believe that being free is better than being enslaved to the communist agenda that the Biden regime has set out. Which puts the Republican party at that crucial moment.

Do they continue to play politics, as usual, selling out our nation to the Democrats and their radical agenda? Perhaps they finally understand that Americans are not taking their actions anymore and are going to send all of them packing if they do not represent the will of the people. The next week will be interesting to see how Republican leadership responds. If Cheney remains in her leadership role, you have your answer. But if they replace her with Stefanik, perhaps they are finally waking up to reality.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. McCarthy needs to go next. Then he can spend more time with his democrat roommate Frank luntz

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