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The Biden Chronicles: Part One, In Which The Fool Talks

Wednesday night the fool we call president spoke to a joint, sort of, session of Congress. The “joint” part of the talk was debatable because only part of the audience of Senators and members of Congress were in place, and this failure of legislators to appear, or perhaps it was a prohibition to appear, by the most privileged people in America, all of whom have been vaccinated and all of whom are required to wear useless masks, and also nearly all of whom seemed to prefer the asinine and trendy, fist-bumping instead of actually shaking hands like real people, undermined the pretense that this assembly was a delayed State of the Union address that would be able to put to rest the minds of Americans as to the continued existence of our constitutional republic, as the Biden administration undermines all constitutional and traditional practices that Americans are accustomed to, with Joey‘s massive list of executive orders.

If Joey could only stop touching his nose or his mouth and concentrate on what was on his teleprompter, maybe he would do a better job of delivery, but that’s our Joey. But when he is really trying to appear sincere and serious with one of his weakly expressed points and leans into the microphone and whispers raspingly the words that he hopes will persuade America to his side of the argument, he really loses anyone who is sensitive to, and turned off by, theatrics from politicians.

The text of Biden’s speech was just plain old leftist crap: he speaks of white supremacy while offering no proof that such a thing exists. Then he calls this imagined white supremacy “terrorism“, despite the leftist rioting in Democrat cities for the past year which has actually terrorized the American citizens, mostly of minority status, living in those unfortunate cities; and in spite of the illegal imprisonment of white citizens who were allegedly involved with the Capitol Hill invasion on January 6th; and his off-hand reference to America being “systemically racist” in spite of Joey personally opposing racial bussing in the 1970s because it caused a “jungle-like” atmosphere, he said at the time. And he mentioned on two occasions during the speech the issue of gun violence, even though his son, Hunter, has admitted to violating federal law by falsifying gun application documents to the FBI, which is a punishable felony if anyone other than the son of the Democrat president does it. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

Noticeably missing from Joey’s speech was a reference to his position on free tuition for urban citizens, which urges them to attend community colleges, which seems to be rather racist position to me. Since most black Americans live in Democrat-run cities, Joey thinks they should remain in those cities and attend the local schools with other members of their race, rather then attend Harvard, where nearly all Democrat politicians go to college. Joey is too racist himself to believe that blacks could succeed in a big-time university like Harvard or Yale. This is typical racial treatment of blacks by Democrats: keep them in their own neighborhoods and their own community colleges and out of Harvard or Yale, where real people go to school.

And Joey didn’t state why he and all of the attendees were wearing masks during the speech, when they had all been vaccinated. After all, the states run by Republicans, all of which had the fewest government mandates requiring masking, have been proven to have fewer covid cases, and fewer deaths among those who did contract the disease, than the punitive restrictions on personal movement and masking that heavily Democrat states have produced. But the truth might open the eyes of Americans and the last thing Democrats want is informed, knowledgeable citizens who are informed on the subject of covid, so the reason why vaccinated politicians in Washington have to wear masks never came up.

Joey’s speech was a complete failure, assuming he ever really thought he could actually make a convincing case for his administration’s leftist take-over of America and his attempts to shove Socialism down our throats.

And one of the most divisive and near-criminal omissions in Joey’s speech was not mentioning his opening of our southern border and the mistreatment of tens of thousands of illegal aliens he has invited into our nation, not to mention the endangerment he is forcing on children who are traveling to America alone, and the wage boost he is providing for the vicious drug cartels as they bring people north to America. So the united States must not be as racist and bad as Joey and the Democrats pretend it to be, given the wave of illegals who risk their lives to get here.

And forget the series of multi-trillion dollar spending bills and the forever-debt they will cause for America’s young people, which wasn’t mentioned by our foolish president.

Biden is wrong on all aspects of his policies, and America will suffer as a result.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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