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Massive Government Intervention

The government claims our country is grappling with “converging crises.” They are determined to tackle the problem and provide “immediate relief” through “bold action.” The White House enumerates several priorities requiring action; “control the COVID-19 pandemic, provide economic relief, tackle climate change, and advance racial equity and civil rights, as well as immediate actions to reform our immigration system and restore America’s standing in the world.”

To control the spread of COVID, the government contends it requires “expanding testing, safely reopening schools and businesses, and taking science-driven steps to address the communities – especially communities of color – who have been hardest hit by the virus.” There is no mention as to what makes communities of color more vulnerable to the virus. Is the color of one’s skin a vulnerability? This is the typical divisive and racist approach of the Left in pretending to care while ensuring a vote is cast in their favor. The poor and the well-to-do are all Americans and all ought to have equal access to care. The progressive’s constant push at segregating Americans by identity is what causes tension and creates animosity among groups. Furthermore, nearly all poor inner-city communities are run by Democrats.

The White House claims it will “tackle the climate emergency” by ensuring they “meet the demands of science, while empowering American workers and businesses to lead a clean energy revolution.” In an article for The Heritage Foundation, economist Stephen Moore notes that when it comes to “climate change,” one may be best served by pursuing “the first iron rule of American politics … Follow the money.” Moore contends this rule reveals “about 80 percent of what goes on in Washington.” Moore notes that, “In America and around the globe governments have created a multi-billion dollar Climate Change Industrial Complex.” With the large amounts of Federal funding being doled out, notes Moore, there is a “powerful financial motive for scientists to conclude that the apocalypse is upon us.” Moore concludes, “No one hires a fireman if there are no fires.”

On Racial Equality, the Biden-Harris Administration contends, “Every American has an equal chance to get ahead, yet persistent systemic racism and barriers to opportunity have denied this promise for so many.” The Administration claims it will put “equity at the center of the agenda with a whole of government approach to embed racial justice across Federal agencies, policies, and programs.” It is ironic that the Party responsible for slavery, white supremacy, Jim Crow, lynching, forced sterilizations, abortion, and so many other crimes against other Americans, and never admitted to it or had a remorseful change of heart, has the chutzpah of lecturing the opposition through projection about the vice of racism.

The government will also “take bold steps to address the inequities in our economy and provide relief to those who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Emphasis is placed on passing the “American Rescue Plan to change the course of the pandemic, build a bridge towards economic recovery, and invest in racial justice.” On economic recovery, the Administration claims it will “build back better” through “strengthening small businesses and investing in the jobs of the future.” This Keynesian approach of deficit spending and crony capitalism being advocated has been proven ineffective, at the very least. Not to mention the call to “racial justice,” which is liken to a vote-buying scheme.

Biden intends to renew a “commitment to protect and expand Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care” by building on “the Affordable Care Act to meet the health care needs created by the pandemic,” reducing the cost of health care, and making the system easier to navigate. An article at The Heritage Foundation notes that, “Obamacare has doubled the cost of individual health insurance.” The Mises Institute likens these “massive interventions” in the American health care system as “fascist in nature.”

Biden also claims it will “reform our long-broken and chaotic immigration system” with a strategy “centered on the basic premise that our country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous with a fair and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants, keeps families together, and allows people across the country.” With the current self-inflicted crisis at the border, no portion of this statement rings true. These illegal aliens mean future Democrat votes for the Left, which is why it is ongoing and no real effort is made to stop it.

Finally, the government intends to “take steps to restore America’s standing in the world, strengthening the U.S. national security workforce, rebuilding democratic alliances across the globe, championing America’s values and human rights, and equipping the American middle class to succeed in a global economy.” At the very least, this entire statement is laughable. In fact, other countries see America as weak since Biden has been inserted in the White House. Furthermore, the values of the American Left have no resemblance to the values championed by our Founding Fathers. What the Biden Administration is doing is leading America farther and farther to the left on the road to serfdom, destined to arrive at the Left’s cherished destination of despotism.

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Edwin Vazquez

Christian, family oriented American Patriot. Math/Stats (BS), Biomedical Engineering (MS), and PhD student - U.S. History. Retired Chief Biomedical Engineer and United States Armed Forces and Gulf War veteran. Retired Entrepreneur.

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  1. Edwin, you have outlined “The” plan and perfectly summoned it up in your closing paragrph. WE ARE BEING GROOMED INTO SUBMISSION as good little boys and grils doing as we are told by BIG GOVERNMENT. While dealing from the tatttered race card deck they’ve wiped their ugly currupt boots on us and are stompingthe hell out of our Constitution and Bill of Rights!!! ……..and it would appear that they are enjoying a measure of succes if one judges by the number of closet macohist that are relapsing into political correctness and sitting on their respectve pity pots wailing that there is noting than can be done to combat this ‘coup’…….BS !!!….IF they rally ‘want’ a slice of the American Pie, they’ll crawl out of their MEME bubble and see a huge cadre of Stout-hearted Americans that know what to do waiting for their help. Restoring our greatness and send these power mongers fleeing with the fear of GOD in their heart!!!!

    The obsession for power and wealth have already motivated Joey Milk Toast and the woman lurching nearby to preach fear and advocate for open borders and like rats nibble away at what is dear to all Americans……they are the weak ones……not us!! Any General will tell always aim for the weakest security when launching a strike…..UNITED AMERICANS can do the same.


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