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The Truth about Jim Crow

In Joe Biden’s first press conference, he spoke against attempts by state legislatures to secure election integrity by referring to such actions as racist, contending they made “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” In Joe’s characteristic dolt reasoning, he reckons an eagle is larger than a crow; therefore, state legislature to secure election integrity is more racist than the notorious Jim Crow laws of the South. Before delivering a swift refutation to Joe’s benighted comment, a brief digression into U.S. history may be warranted.

The phrase “Jim Crow” is a reference to a song and dance written and performed by “black-faced” Thomas D. Rice in the 1830s. Attorney and scholar Gilbert Thomas Stephenson notes in, Race Distinctions in American Law (1910), that the phrase took-on a new meaning postbellum to refer to the separation of races in public transportation. Today it is used to describe discrimination (real or fabricated) against groups of people or individuals.

When President Lincoln ran for reelection in 1864, he chose Andrew Johnson (D-TN) as his vice president. Historians Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen note in, A Patriot’s History of the United States, that Lincoln’s intent in choosing Johnson was to secure the votes of “‘unionist’ Democrats.” A striking similarity between Lincoln’s presidency and Trump’s is that Lincoln had to contend with “Radical Republicans,” as Schweikart et al. refer to them. Radical Republicans held a meeting in May 1864 to nominate John C. Fremont as their candidate. This group is kindred to what we today refer to as Republicans In Name Only (RINOs). Nevertheless, “Rank-and-file” Republicans of the day had enough chutzpah to stand with Lincoln and held their official Republican Convention in June 1864, where they renominated Lincoln to run for a second term.

Notwithstanding, following Lincoln’s assassination, Democrat Andrew Johnson became president. Stephenson asserts that during Johnson’s presidency, the time between the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction (1865-1868), the “black laws” were enacted. These laws, notes Stephenson, were the result of statutes enacted by southern state legislatures. These included forbidding blacks from testifying in cases involving whites, denying blacks suffrage, restricting them from moving from one state to another, limiting the occupations available to them, intermarriage laws, and many other such laws. In fact, in The Big Lie, scholar Dinesh D’Souza writes, “The Nazi Nuremberg Laws were directly modeled on the segregation and anti-miscegenation laws that had been implemented decades earlier in the Democratic South.” Furthermore, D’Souza notes all segregation laws throughout the South were “passed by a Democratic legislature, signed into power by a Democratic governor, and enforced by Democratic sheriffs and Democratic city and state officials.”

To wit, Democrats are responsible for all the black laws and Jim Crow laws, not America. Any relic of these laws is being brought back into existence by the original perpetrators. Moreover, racist Democrats in the North (since the South was not yet let back into the Union) opposed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution (Ending slavery), the 14th Amendment (Citizenship rights), and the 15th Amendment (Suffrage).

A vote tally on the proportion of Republicans and Democrats who voted for these measures makes this last point very clear:

13th Amendment (Ending slavery) – (38th Congress 1st Session for Senate, 2nd Session for House) – Senate Joint Resolution 16:

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 100% (34 of 34)               Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 33% (3 of 9)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 100% (79 of 79)                House Democrats (Yeas) – 49% (22 of 45)

14th Amendment (Citizenship rights) – (39th Congress 1st Session):

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 91%  (32 of 35)                 Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 0% (0 of 8)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 100% (127 of 127)             House Democrats (Yeas) – 0% (0 of 37)

15th Amendment (Suffrage) – (40th Congress 3rd Session):

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 91%  (39 of 43)                 Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 0%  (0 of 9)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 98%  (141 of 144)             House Democrats (Yeas) – 0%  (0 of 39)

Clearly, the Democratic Party was the racist Party in America, and remains so today. In fact, many Democrats aggressively opposed the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s. Because of most Republicans and some Democrats in Congress, President Johnson could not veto any of these measures, even if he wanted to. Therefore, Johnson used his cunning political skills to pretend he cared and signed the bills. Here is the proof on the complicity of Democrats. Consider the proportions of Republicans and Democrats who voted for these measures.

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 82% (27 of 33)                  Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 69%  (46 of 67)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 80% (136 of 171)              House Democrats (Yeas) – 63%  (153 of 244)

(Senators Albert (Al) Gore Sr. (D-TN) and Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) voted against the Bill)

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 94% (30 of 32)                  Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 73% (47 of 64)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 83% (112 of 135)              House Democrats (Yeas) – 78%  (221 of 283)

Fair Housing Act of 1968

Senate Republicans (Yeas) – 91% (29 of 32)                  Senate Democrats (Yeas) – 71% (42 of 59)

House Republicans (Yeas) – 87% (161 of 186)              House Democrats (Yeas) – 71% (166 of 233)

Clearly, Republicans have always been on the side of freedom for every citizen regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Moreover, as noted above, Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Byrd, notes Schweikart et al., was an active member of the Ku Klux Klan. Byrd was also eulogized by Obama, Clinton, and Biden at his funeral in 2010. Moreover, Joe Biden’s reference about blacks and other minorities not possessing the cleverness and determination to be issued a government ID to vote, is racist. These are the racist Democratic values they want instill in Americans. States must secure the integrity of their elections and there is nothing racist about doing so. Democrats are again segregating America. Biden’s “Jim Eagle” is his own vice. It is thus clear; the tail of Jim Crow belongs squarely on the back of the Democratic Donkey.

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