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It Is Becoming Clear Why Democrats Are in Love With The USPS

As the 2020 election drew near, Democrats were panicked about the involvement of the United States Postal Service. They were worried about how former President Trump might delay mail being delivered, and the mainstream media took up the public battle. The argument seemed to all revolve around the election, but it seems there is a lot more to this.

There were recent reports that the USPS is running covert operations (the Internet Covert Operations Program) to spy on Americans’ social media posts. On Wednesday, the USPS confirmed those reports and said that they were indeed spying on Americans and specifically right-leaning Americans.

While the reports are that no arrests have been made from spying on Americans, the program will continue. According to USPS Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale, the USPS continues to monitor social media posts that may be inflammatory and reports them to federal and local law enforcement. The program is known as the Internet Covert Operations Program.

It’s not entirely clear how this falls under the purview of the USPS, however. The organization is responsible for the transportation and delivery of mail to Americans across the country. Instead, it’s being funded with a CIA-style operation that is directly targeting Americans, specifically conservative Americans.

Reports are that the program monitors alternative social media sites, as well as main social media sites. While many conservatives have fled to the alternative sites due to the attempts to censor them on sites like Facebook and Twitter, it appears the government is monitoring many of the channels conservatives were flocking to. In other words, not one single aspect of a conservative’s life is free from government targeting.

Radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to destroy cities across the country. Rather than dealing with those issues, the federal government is choosing to put its money into a domestic spying program that directly targets conservatives.

No wonder the left-wing radicals are pushing so hard to remove and replace Trump’s Postmaster General DeJoy. But even more than their push to replace DeJoy, why did DeJoy not expose this program and Trump bring it to light during his administration? Could it be that those who were running the program kept it from Trump and DeJoy?

It seems plausible. Gary Barksdale was appointed to his post by Postmaster General Megan Brennan. She was put into her role as Postmaster General by Barack Obama to take over in 2015. We know that Obama was putting programs in place to spy on Trump and his associates before the 2016 election, and perhaps this was part of that program. The group that Barksdale leads was responsible for the arrest of Steve Bannon.

Upon the program becoming public, Barksdale said that the group would discontinue releasing government memos about its actions. In other words, the program will continue to run and will become covert once again.

Republicans in Congress need to be investigating this program and determining why it is being used to target conservatives. We also need to know why this program even exists under the USPS, other than to hide it from those who would be unsuspecting of such a program is running within the mail service. Of course, this story will simply die off because I am sure many of them are in on the program.

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  1. The USPS is a huge disappointment as many other government agencies are. There is no one to trust anymore in our once great USA. President Trump tried to make us great again and keep us great but instead we (they) decided to allow untrustworthy people to move into our WH and now we have to worry about what in the world will they do next. Not looking too great right now.

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