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Wearing Masks, Social Distancing Every Winter Will Dramatically Reduce Flu Cases, Top Doctor Says


Wearing masks and social distancing will dramatically reduce flu cases in the future, a top doctor said on CNN Wednesday.

Between 150 and 200 children typically die from influenza annually, but only one has died so far this year, Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s vaccine education center, said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“If we mask and social distance every winter, we will see a dramatic reduction in flu, which usually causes hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths. I wonder whether that will be the lesson from this,” Offit said.

The doctor also said a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee he sits on is meeting Friday to discuss flu variants for future vaccines in 2022.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said cases of influenza this season nearly disappeared in the U.S. Offices and hospitals have reported the smallest amount of influenza cases in decades.


In order to develop a vaccine to protect against new flu variants, Offit’s FDA committee studies strains “circulating in places like Australia and South America, which sort of predicts strains that are likely to come into our country,” he said. But, there has been “so little flu” in those areas that it may be difficult to develop a vaccine for the next flu season.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday at the White House that the U.S. is on target for ensuring all adults can access a COVID-19 vaccine by end of May 2021.

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  1. SueR says:

    So please explain then, what good is getting the flu vaccine each year? And in previous years, that seems to have been enough: get a shot, stay well for the season.
    This is all so much bunk. Hats off to the democrats, the Chinese government, the CDC, and their delivery vehicle, the media for perpetrating such a lie on the American public.

  2. Barbara McColley says:

    BS this is not true, cloth mask, nor surgical one’s with pleats can, nor do they reduce Influenza. The CDC simply renamed all the Influenza cases, calling them Covid Flu or Covid Pneumonia. The Mask the majority of people wear can not and does not block a Virus that is as small as Smoke. Even a Tightly fitting hazmat type mask with rubber and super tight, does not block 100%. Then your eyes’ plus your skin has pores, so you’d need a full body suit, head to toe, and you could not even briefly expose your mouth to eat or drink or speak or ALL WOULD BE MUTE, WASTED, ETC. It is a fact 30% of all Coronaviruses are Cold Viruses & 40% of All Flu viruses are also Coronaviruses, so the CDC as usual is Spreading Lies and Propaganda. History has clearly proven time and time again, being more clean, always greatly reduces all types of illnesses. When improved sanitation with water, and sewer and living conditions were consistently improved diseases and illnesses all but went away in the areas that applied these methods. Mask of any type interfere with the ability to Fully intake pure 02 and to fully expel Carbon dioxide, and other toxins. Mask also retain moisture caring other more serious bacterial and pneumonia and over load of toxins. Sad to see you of all sites would report and support such Bull.

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