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Biden’s Creeping Socialism Is Leading To More Creepy Masking

The success of America at being the most wealthy and free nation in the world, while the remainder of the world was sinking in poverty and dictators, has been dependent on our government allowing each person to seek his or her own path to wealth, happiness and health.

Ayn Rand had a name to the success of America in a world of failures, and she coined the term The Virtue Of Selfishness. The pleasant lives we all live in America, as opposed to the nasty, bitter lives people in Cuba, Honduras and Venezuela live under with Socialism/Communism, is a result of the selfishness of each person achieving his or her own success in life, depending on their hard work, thrift and initiative. The best test of whether America’s society is better than the other three nations mentioned above is to recall that Cubans flocked here by the thousands after Castro took over, the Hondurans are flocking to America today to escape the horror of Honduras, and Venezuelans would be flocking here if they lived close enough to do so. These people rushing to our borders are proof that America is not the racist nation that the lying Democrats say it is.

America became wealthy because its citizens were free, and as our population grew and people began to congregate into ever-more-crowded cities, some bleeding heart leftists expanded Ms. Rand’s The Virtue Of Selfishness to include taking some of the wealth of America’s achievers and giving it to less wealthy people in order to lift them from poverty, which was an idea that most Americans accepted and supported, purely from sentiments of fairness and a desire to help.

As a result of that small and sincere start, creeping Socialism began intruding on all aspects of American life, and we heard the perfect example of Socialism invading America last Thursday night when Joey Biden gave a speech to his subjects in which he said that if we be good and follow all of his instructions on masking and spacing for just a few more months, maybe he’ll allow us to assemble on July 4th and have a meal with our families. And if we’re lucky, he’ll even allow us to take off our totally worthless masks for a few minutes in order to breathe the clean summer air. But he’ll grant these temporary privileges only if we promise to follow big brothers’ guidelines for three more months. Does anyone else recall Joey’s promise that we need only wear masks for the first 100 days of his administration and we’d be safe? So lying Joey has already extended this due date to facial liberty to 180 days with his speech last Thursday. Does anyone really believe we’ll ever be free from masking and distancing under a radical Democrat, control-freak administration?

But Joey quickly added that if there are new strains of the disease, or if more people than he thinks is appropriate become sick, he may re-lockdown and re-mask us in a minute, and for a long time. He just needs us to be good and behave ourselves, as he dictates.

Ayn Rand’s The Virtue Of Selfishness assumes that I’ll take care of myself and you’ll take care of yourself as regards food, housing, clothing and all else we need every day, but Joey Biden’s creeping, creepy Socialism is taking our health considerations into the government’s hands when it comes to the Wuhan covid disease, and he’s still insisting that we all wear the masks that we all know are too porous to keep out the virus.

A mask is intended to be used to protect only the individual wearing the mask, but now Democrats are insisting that the mask is also going to protect those people around you from your exhalations, so they are making the mask protection apply to the entire society, not to just those suffering from the disease, and they are expanding the protection so far that even people who have been vaccinated for the covid are still required to wear a mask. This masking of everyone makes the vaccine a waste of time, because the vaccine, by its definition, protects both the vaccinated party and all people around them. So why would a sensible person go to the effort of getting vaccinated when they still have to behave as though they were infected with the disease? As long as the vaccinated person is safe from the disease and can’t spread it, why do those persons who have been vaccinated have to wear masks, and why do non-vaccinated people have to wear masks in the presence of the vaccinated/protected person?

A parallel argument is equally convincing: if a person wearing a mask believes that he or she is protected from the disease by wearing the mask, then, given that the mask wearer is protected, why do I have to also wear a mask? If I’m non-symptomatic for the disease then I can’t transmit the disease, so why am I, or anyone else who is opposed to wearing a worthless piece of cloth over my nose and mouth, required to follow Joey’s foolish orders and wear a mask?

Socialism kills human incentives to work hard to provide for one’s family, and it kills freedom and health when it uses a disease to require all people to wear a mask or to get a vaccination they may be personally opposed to, in order to avoid imprisonment under an unconstitutional executive order by Joey Biden.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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