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The Only Privilege I See In America Is Far-left, Democrat Privilege, And The Only Supremacists Are On The Far Left

Most Americans don’t have time to sit around and dream up imagined insults and road blocks to becoming rich and wealthy, they are working too hard earning a living and providing for their families. But there are some people who make a career of being discriminated against, put-upon and injured, and they often have cushy jobs or work in non-profit or government positions where production and achievement are not important.

Only from persons of the far-left, who are black, trans, females, American Indians or any other minority group that Democrats dream up as being discriminated against, do we hear that America is systemically racist and that every one of Joey’s administration appointees was “the first” in whatever minority classification they identify as being a part of. At this point our nation needs the “best” people in every position, not “the first” in a self-identified category.

When it’s disclosed that most if not all of Joey’s poor, disadvantaged appointees graduated from Harvard or Yale and then worked their way up through the Democrat Party structure to finally get an appointment to a fat government job in Joey’s administration, even though they spout anti-American screeds all the time, it’s clear that these people are some of the most coddled, privileged and protected people in America.

Any conservative person of the same race or political/biological identity as the Democrats who have been appointed to Joey’s staff, will likely be found to have graduated from a community college or a state university, and would be working in a private firm where real production and measurable results are required in order to keep their jobs. This puts them on a par with conservative white people, who are also trying to better their lives by working and achieving.

But we find that the Democrat, leftist bellyachers are the ones who are the most successful at government work, get the best-paid jobs, get the best education, and if they fail at their government positions, like Andrew Cuomo has failed at his job as governor of New York, Democrats get awards, promotions to higher paying jobs and book deals as a reward for those failures. And it’s only Democrats, after years of gaining ground with the policy of “equality” giving them preference in job promotions and pay, who come up with idiotic, muddled words like “equity”, a word that now replaces the already-achieved goal of equality, which means that they now don’t want equal treatment, they just want money to be given to them.

But of course, the leftist complaints about America can’t be complete without identifying an enemy that Democrats can attack, as they did with Donald Trump and his three-year-long, phony collusion investigation. So they’ve identified a “war on terror” which will investigate anyone who voted for Trump in the 2020 election or who can otherwise be labeled with the “domestic terrorist“ nomenclature, with the up-front assumption that they are indeed terrorists even before the investigation begins. Merrick Garland, Joey’s nominee for Attorney General, swore to pursue, investigate and imprison these same domestic terrorists if he’s approved for the position. We know who he has in his sights to identify as domestic terrorists before his investigation even begins.

Also on-deck to hang some Republicans for being domestic terrorists is General Russell Honore, whom Nancy Pelosi has appointed to review security at the nation’s Capitol prior to the January 6th mob violence, and who has also stated that Republicans, especially white Republicans who voted for Trump, are primary suspects for identity as white supremacists and terrorists. It’s a certainty that Nancy Pelosi, who as Speaker of the House is primarily responsible for the security of the Capitol, will not be found complicit, nor will she be found to have made any bad decisions regarding Capitol security, when the culprit for the January 6th siege is identified.

One wonders what has caused the Democrats to become mad-hatter insane, and to completely disregard the edicts of the constitution which has allowed them to achieve status and power under its protection. The Democrats, with their far left policies and with the dunce Joey at the head of the party, was awarded the whole ball game in the 2020 election, and they are now madder than ever, and are intent on destroying the greatest nation the world has ever seen, not preserving it for future generations.

The subject of privilege under the law is what’s being discussed by Democrats, and one would conclude that Hillary, Comey, McCabe and many other of the usual suspects who destroyed cell phones, spied on a presidential candidate, lied under oath about Russian collusion issues, passed falsified documents to the FISA court, illegally falsified official FBI documents and persecuted General Mike Flynn for having committed no illegal act at all, are all beneficiaries of far-left privilege that has no parallel in American history, and they should all be in jail. But their privilege keeps them living free and rich while trying to frame Republicans for Democrats’ own crimes.

And don’t forget the cover-up of Joey’s family’s influence-buying in Russia, Ukraine and China, using Joey’s V.P. position during the Obama administration to get lavish deals with foreign powers. If any of Trump’s family had done any single one of the numerous things the Biden clan has done, they would be in prison today.

And it would be wrong to forget Joey’s sexual misconduct accusation that the lying press allowed to go unreported for the benefit of his run for the presidency and for the benefit of the Democrat party.

Privilege exists only on the political left, and they use that privilege to the limit, for their own political and financial benefit.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Wow! Astute observations, Dave. Nancy should be held accountable for the lack of security on the Capitol. I believe it may have been the Demwit defund the police and total lack of support for law enforcement that gave some cops a sure, c’mon in demeanour that day. But what about the person who shot Ashlee Babbett at point blank range? Why is there little to no information on that? Big macho guy shot a 125 lb woman. He must be so proud. No white lives matter riots ensued as a result of that cold blooded murder. Comic relief was Romney ran his little hiney off and Nancy soiled her Depends.

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