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Democrats Run A Government By Accusation

Nancy Pelosi recently told the nation that she and her Democrat House members are under constant danger of assassination by gun-carrying Republican members of the House.

Miss Nancy’s lie is just an extension of her barrage of lies of how threatening and dangerous Republicans who voted for Donald Trump are, and the CNN lie of white males being the greatest threat to the safety of Americans, and the lie of a known repeat threat to the Capitol building coming from the political right as being the reason Washington D.C . has more National Guard troops patrolling than are in Afghanistan and Syria at the moment.

And of course all of these accusations follow four years of Donald Trump being accused of treason, lying, and inciting violence, in spite of the fact that all of 2020 saw radical leftist violence, burning, killing and destruction from Seattle to Baltimore, with not one word all summer long from Democrats to stop the violence their ANTIFA and BLM thugs were committing.

Democrats accuse the police forces of America of intentionally targeting black citizens to murder. They accuse all whites as being part of the false existential racism in America. And of course the covid disease was brought to America by the evil Trump administration, and that’s why the entire nation has to wear the ineffective face masks.

If Democrats couldn’t accuse the rest of America of plotting imminent attacks on their party members, they would not have a political platform to stand on at all. Every Democrat policy movement is based on an imagined threat from the political right, when actually the current threat to freedom and liberty in America today comes from the mentally-weakened Joey’s series of executive orders and the southern border invasion of caravans from Central Americans coming north to America at the explicit invitation of our beloved Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Pardon my correction, but the plagiariser and thief: faux-president “Joey” is not beloved.
    He is pitied, doesn’t have a clue what he’s signing or where he is most times and as per president’s
    schedule is the most inactive president of our lifetime. The weeks are flying by now. He will be gone soon enough.

  2. If you don’t want to look like a dictator better charge someone else of trying to be one.

  3. Remember Paul Ryans words of accusations to then President Trump about “That is not American” Or “That is not what America is all about””” … What amazes me is after all the false accusations from RINO’s and the “Left” THEY are the ones exhibiting the Furthest of American ideals!!! America is supposed to be a melting pot-We ar4e, the race card at one time was valid, but pretty much since the late 70’s was solved…about immigrants, we all know that we want to help CORRECTLY and not allow criminals, sex-trafficker’s and baby sellers into the sex trade… About America First, now what the heck is wrong with that? We are the 1st nation ALLWAYS that goes to assist other nations when in need, we also have the cleanest air.. The thing is ever since the media became so empowered and since 0bama, well maybe not just 0bama since the democrats have been separating us for years, but back to America first, there was a time we listened to both sides of the story (we allow them to be heard). There was a time for compromise, for finding a solution, now all the left wants to do is to condemn the “right” and then just throw money at any problem WITHOUT solving the problem and then playing the “Blame game”. I do think we are way past the time where we need some adults in the room, get rid of the children in DC with a sound spanking and let us grow the hell up! And become again the solution by allowing (without condemnation) all sides to be heard and respected! And curses be upon Paul Ryan!

  4. Do we dare keep people in Congress who are so afraid of their shadows? If they were gone then there would be no threat to them, or us. Tell them to go home by voting these weaklings out or kick them out. Kicking them out is quicker.

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