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American Socialist/Democrats Cannot, Or Will Not, Tell Citizens The Truth

Bernie, AOC and all the rest of the D.C. pool of fools have forever told us that the exhaust from our cars and the electric power we use to run our air conditioners creates the pollution that traps heat around the earth, and this trapped and concentrated heat is causing the earth to heat up to the point where life on earth is threatened, and that in just ten years (we’ve already used two years of the Bernie/AOC lie in 2018 that there are only twelve years until doom completely destroys the planet and burns up everything on the face of the earth along with melting the ice caps, which will, of course, flood all low-lying areas of the earth) life on earth will end. So they’ve designed a phenomenal scheme called the Green New Deal to eliminate these pollutants, along with the destruction of the economy of the United States, which will be implemented during the new Biden administration, thereby, in their political opinion, saving the world from certain disaster. And it’s satisfying to observe that Joe Biden is fully on-board with the Green New Deal and the suffering it will cause to Americans as they lose jobs, like the thousands of jobs lost forever when Joey issued his executive order shutting down the Keystone pipeline, with more economic destruction to accompany the many yet-to-be-issued executive orders lined up for Joey’s signature.

But there’s an OOPS! to this story of Democrat lies: It’s been reported that, because of the fact that fewer people are enjoying life and driving their cars to restaurants and vacations, due to the Wuhan lockdown, and because of the many people who have died from the covid disease who will no longer need their cars for transportation, there is measurably less pollution in the environment, which means there is more sunlight reaching the earth’s surface, which in turn means that there is even more heating of the surface of the earth because of the sun‘s greater direct, unfiltered impact.

This is how lying Democrats get to have two opposing and contradicting schemes serve their ends, both at the same time: because of pollution and the resulting heat trapped around the earth, they insist we must stop taking vacations and driving our cars to restaurants. But when the pollution they thought was heating the earth actually decreases because of fewer cars on the road, thereby causing more heating because the sun reaches the earth in a more concentrated manner, which proves their original lie of trapped pollutants causing warming was wrong as well as being a lie, they just clam up and pretend they never heard this contrary evidence, or that it‘s just a Trump supporter lying again, so they move ahead with their unproven and dangerous scheme.

Under no circumstances will they admit they were wrong (no leftist government has ever admitted their life-destroying ideas were wrong) and admit that the former pollution was actually keeping the earth cooler instead of heating it up, but they still plow ahead with their lies and insist that our comfortable way of life in America causes warming/change, either way it’s measured, so they absolutely must continue to implement their Green New Deal and kill even more thousands of jobs via Joey’s executive orders, along with the other leftist legislation the Democrats plan to implement under the corrupt presidency of Joe Biden, because they are the only good, caring and compassionate people on earth, don‘t you know.

No matter how things go, Democrats will not leave us alone to live our lives peaceably, prosperously and freely, and they are always devising new ways to kill jobs, cause unemployment, tax us more and keep us frightened with the threat of a very weak, viral disease while religiously forcing us to wear our worthless masks, with their endless lies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Yep. And with the Dems in total control in D.C., many of us feel as helpless as a fly in a spider web. There will have to be a huge Red Wave in 2022 and beyond if we are to save this country from these maniacs.

  2. 100% TRUTH!!!! Here’s another truth…If “we the people” don’t STOP them NOW there will NOT BE ANOTHER ELECTION….EVER!!!!!

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