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A Presidential Library Is Not Necessary To Remind Us Of The Greatness Of Donald Trump

As the radical left wears itself out tearing down statutes and memorials of American history that Democrats don’t approve of or are offended by, and after renaming schools that formerly had the names of presidents or other notable peoples’ names on them, now these radical fools on the left are trying to prevent any physical reminders of Donald Trump to even be built, so they are prohibiting the construction of a Trump presidential library.

One reason they want to forget and bury the name of Donald Trump is their attempted frame-up of Trump in the Russia collusion scandal, which points directly at Democrats as having committed treasonous acts by spying on Trump and his staff and trying to remove this duly elected president from office using wholly-created, false evidence. In addition, if no library is constructed then there is no trace of Trump’s personal and critical involvement in the development of a vaccination to fight the Wuhan covid disease, which he pushed through to production in record time, saving millions of lives the world over. Already we can see evidence of the Democrats praising Biden for getting the vaccine into the arms of American citizens, and the lies go on.

The Soviet habit of rewriting history and covering up the truth of the past in order to serve the new bosses’ devices, is exactly what American Democrats are in the process of doing.

But Americans need no presidential library to remind us of the mistreatment and frame-up of Trump by the filthy Democrats. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the total immersion of the leftist press who daily condemned and defamed Trump. We don’t need at presidential library to be reminded of the tax cuts that Trump gave us. We don’t need a presidential library to be reminded of the explosive stock market and the growing economy we experienced under Trump. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the improved international trade relations under Trump. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the vaccine that Trump oversaw and pushed into development and production. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of improved health services offered to veterans as Trump corrected decades of bad practices in the Veterans Administration. We don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the growth in jobs and employment under Trump, along with the related reduced unemployment rate under his guidance. And we don’t need a presidential library to remind us of the fraudulent election of 2020 that put the idiot Joey Biden in office so he can sit in the Oval Office and play president, until Kamala Harris declares him incompetent and kicks him out so she can take over.

Patriotic Americans don’t need a Trump presidential library to remember this great man, but I’ll bet that we sure as hell will get one, and it will serve to reinforce the memories we all have about the back-to-back proof of true constitutional freedom we had under Trump, compared with the slew of harmful executive orders issued by Biden, in his short administration so far, which have already stripped away many of America’s most precious freedoms with just his poorly thought out, executive orders.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Not only should President Trump have a Presidential Library devoted to him he should also have his likeness put on Mt. Rushmore for all patriotic, honest, fair minded people to admire as the hardest working president for these United States.

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