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Was Yesterday Just Another Violence-As-Usual-Day In A Democrat-Run City, Or Was It The Burning Of The Reichstag?

Right off the bat it must be said that the invasion of our Capitol Building yesterday has the hallmarks of ANTIFA and BLM all over it, with the radical left’s love of violence and the destruction of property, and hate for the traditions that have made this country great. If there were any Trump supporters in the crowd that stormed the Capitol they were just being suckered into joining the celebration and were not part of any movement or intent to invade, because the invasion halted the very act of protest against the fraudulent election of Joe Biden that the Trump people were in D.C. to accomplish. The invasion was nonsense if you wanted to allow the few brave Senators and Representatives to decertify the Biden election, which was what the entire day was for in the minds of the Trump people.

The helmets and backpacks are not things a farmer from rural Iowa would wear after getting off a plane at Dulles and bussing into town, and the tendency to break a Capitol window with a police shield is not what a retiree from Boise would do if he/she intended to see Republicans protest the fraudulent Biden election. And the taunting of police once the invaders were in the building is straight from the summer-long series of violent police confrontations we saw throughout 2020, all of which were perpetrated by Democrat- protected and inspired ANTIFA/BLM crowds.

The second most important observation to make was that with all of the Trump people in town, did the mayor of Washington, just like all of the Democrat mayors in every Democrat-run city across the nation that was burned in the summer of 2020, in an attempt to blame Donald Trump for the violence, have the police stand down while the crowd of Democrat thugs stormed the Capitol and did the evil things they did at what has become America’s equivalent of the German Reichstag being burned, which was done in order to give Adolph Hitler the authority to assume full power over the lives of Germans, which in turn led directly to his “authority” to claim emergency control over his opponents and destroy the lives and liberty of all German citizens in one clean action?

Was this America’s Reichstag event, put in place by the Democrat party and their insane quest for total power?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is completely on the backs of the Trump supporters. You can, and will, spin this to make yourself feel better, but it is not the left, democrats, BLM or antifa who perpetrated the coup to steal the election. Democrats felt the 2016 election was stolen from them and what they did was regroup and make sure they won the next election. That is what democracy is about. Making excuses for what happened accomplishes nothing.

  2. Dums have been doing these things for years, and more noticeably in the last year with their rioting, looting. arson, total destruction of whatever they decided must come down. Now they sit proud of what they’ve torn down and act like the hypocrites they’ve always been. They learned how to play the blame game to their advantage and now they feel they can walk around with smug looks on their faces and blame this chaos on President Trump and his supporters. It’s really all they’ve done for the past four years and nothing less. I’m sure their day will come. Can only hope it’s soon. There is no healing today.

  3. At least Dave King “gets” it. Everybody elsewhere that I’ve read is off target on what happened. It’s just Charlottesville all over again. And they’re in a hurry to get Trump out because they know he’s not done yet, and he plans to bring them all down. They are running scared and talking the same trash from 5 years ago. Only now a lot fewer people are being fooled by it.

  4. You are on crack. What they did was spy on him. Accuse people close to him of crimes they didn’t commit. Make up fake accusations to try and get him out of office. Impeach him based on lies. The idea that Democrats quietly retreated and waited for the next election is probably the most uninformed thing I have ever heard. Where have you been? Under a rock… Please spend some time learning about what has taken place in the last 4 years before you post. We can debate differences in ideology, but if you are just completely ignorant you need to do some catching up first.

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