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Everyone Should Prepare for a Biden Economy

Economic indicators have taken a nosedive as the inauguration of President-elect Biden nears. Businesses are preparing. Are you?

Beijing Biden will take the reigns of power in just a few days so everyone must prepare their finances for the disaster he will bring upon the nation.

Basically, prepare like you would for any disaster – which is exactly what a Biden-Harris administration will be:

  • Conserve non-essential spending – you may need the cash to survive
  • Spend only with favored/trusted producers and only when necessary
  • NEVER buy any goods made outside of the U.S.A. – except in emergencies
  • Keep extra canned goods, paper products, and water on hand
  • Get your family any necessary medical checks NOW and replenish all prescriptions ASAP

Social media creators (meme, video, and other contributors that do not use written word to communicate) should reach out and find websites to spread their work once social media quits doing so.

Conservative media will have to find ways to cross-communicate their messages as social media casts us all into the memory hole and the Biden administration ignores what a biased media does.

We will have to rely on ourselves to protect free speech as the incoming administration doesn’t even know what the term means.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Looking for site showing grocery stores and other stores I am able to support. Is there such a thing? Glad to find your site.

  2. How does one prepare for this president? He’s so far off the rails, we won’t know who’s in charge and even big click-bait media will be in the dark. With such colossal ignorance spread throughout the executive branch, the only certainty is they’ll be guessing what’s best for themselves.

  3. All I know is that I’m glad that I live in a southern red state along with the other smelly ,bible thumping , gun toting rednecks . Who do you, who voted for that old, senile, hateful lunatic China Joe Biden think where the KKK came from? That’s right, the old southern Democrats! A country that doesn’t learn from it’s mistake are destined to repeat their mistakes, aka Civil War ! The State Legislators of the corrupt States involved with Election fraud during the November and the January run off in Georgia had better step up and prosecute those responsible and get rid of the Dominion voting machines before 2022 or all HELL will break loose , watch and see !

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