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Democrats Are Constitutional And Domestic Terrorists

I am officially charging Democrat governors and mayors with domestic terrorism because of their militant, terrorist-like positions on lockdowns and masking, which deprive American citizens of the right to the freedom and prosperity assured by our constitution.

The objective of terrorists is to inflict terror and fear into a targeted population, and since Democrats ridiculed and attacked President Trump when he attempted to reassure Americans that they should be optimistic and positive about the future and eventually getting rid of the covid menace we are facing, and since Democrats continue to inflict pain, suffering and the threat of a “dark winter” ahead with more lockdowns and eternal masking, it’s obvious that the Democrat party is a bunch of terrorists attacking Americans and our economy.

Democrats are also trying to undermine our entire system of self-government by their use of fraudulent voting in the 2020 election, threatening to give the vote to millions of illegal aliens, threatening to push for the entrance of at least two more states into our union so they can gain more Democrat representatives and senators, and threatening to pack the Supreme Court with leftist justices.

And let’s not forget their terrorism against science when they tell the lying tale of warming/change, the effectiveness of masks to ward off disease, of almost certain death if a mask isn’t worn at all times, and that American citizens are “super-spreaders” of the Wuhan disease if they should decide to have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with relatives.

Democrat terrorists need to be identified and named, and then voted out of office at the first possible opportunity.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. 355,000 deaths. Of course per the “Great Leader” that’s fake news. Trump acknowledges
    the risk of the virus to Bob Woodward & admits that he’s downplaying the threat to
    avoid panic. Prior to the election he’s telling the country we’re turning the corner, we’re
    turning the corner. Deaths & cases skyrocket beyond what would be expected in a third
    world country. All the while the right is whining about not being able to go to the gym,
    the diner, and having to pay heed to the vulnerabilities of their fellow Americans. Had
    this type of unity through whitewash existed during the second world war the war would
    have been lost. Grow up. Mitigation efforts are not part of a sinister left wing plot.

  2. Excuse me, did you see what happened yesterday? Those guys kinda looked a lot like Republican Trump supporters to me and felt oddly like domestic terrorism.

  3. 4 years of constant domestic terrorism by democrats and one day of a proper reaction from republicans and they try to make republicans seem like most evil villian alive..

    the coasts and cities need ot get their shit together and by shit i mean stop thinking ur gonna enslave “RACIST REDNECKS” cause u never met someone from the midwest before.

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