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The American Left Continues To Rot And Disintegrate Amidst Their Odd Behavior

After the star-studded appearance of Rachel Dolezal and her miraculous transformation from a white person to black a couple of years ago, and following Bruce Jenner and his move from male to female, now we have coming out of the closet a Hollywood leftist who made movies as a female, but claims to now be male, and loving it.

What a traitor to the leftist political cause she is: identifying as male at a time when males are described as “toxic” and especially when white males are being identified by CNN’s Don Lemon as causing all of the nation’s racial and criminal issues.

How long will it be before men who want to stay men, and women who want to stay women, in other words normal people who want to live normally in their natural, biological body, will be identified by the radical, political left as being deviants and suspect of mental issues that may require treatment, and all because they enjoy their own natural bodies and don’t want to change them. Of course, anyone who differs from the political left is a danger to Hollywood and the other leftist, fancy people, so it would be natural for the Democrat left to want them hushed before more people decide to reside in their birth-bodies.

If whites claim to be black, and women claim to be men, and men claim to be women, not just with the blessing of Democrats, but with the full celebration and congratulation of the entire American left, why wouldn’t they now claim that all straight people are dangerous and should be locked away or medicated for the good of society? One recalls the old saw attributed to Kurt Vonnegut, that “a sane person in an insane society must appear insane“.

So far in the twenty-first century, politics in America is absolutely insane and getting worse, so guard yourself carefully or the claws of the left will punish you if they think you’re not insane enough to support their crazy causes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. What makes Democrats entertain the idea that Americans will accept this fraud election as legit.. ? Did they all get a Covid vax shot that ate their brains up ? Really ? You leftists seem to forget your grade school history classes, if you remember, this was attempted before, and the criminals (redcoats) got their asses handed to them. History will repeat itself.

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