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Proof Of Republican Superiority To Democrats Is Readily At Hand

I don’t believe there is anyone in America with an ounce of common sense who doesn’t believe that Democrats committed massive vote fraud in the 2020 election.

President Trump raised a ruckus about Democrat cheating and followed up with a string of legal challenges, but it appears his efforts were unsuccessful in reversing the fake votes that put Biden over the top. But it’s important to note that the honesty and integrity of several of his conservative allies on the Supreme Court were against him in his appeal.

Would any leftist judge ever vote against a Democrat candidate if the decision was theirs to make? No chance in hell that a Democrat judge would break ranks with a Democrat politician. But conservatives on the Court had doubts about the legality of the evidence of fraud, and they went with honesty and principles in making their decision, not party politics as Democrats would have done.

Also notable is that President Trump said he will step down and allow an orderly transition of government if Biden is approved by legal authorities. The corrupt Democrats have for years stated that Trump would never leave the White House, even if defeated in an election, but our president is not as corrupt as are the Democrats who, still to this day, accuse him of being a traitor and a racist.

So we have honesty and integrity on Trump’s side, and now the fake news and leftist lying and cheating is coming to light that puts the nation in this horrible constitutional position in the first place: the fact that the lying news agencies and the deplorable tech industry spiked the reporting of the months-long Biden influence peddling investigation and buried this real and honest news story so it couldn’t be learned of by American citizens who needed to make an informed vote in the 2020 election. Follow-up investigations showed that the vote for Biden would likely have swung to Trump if the real situation with Biden had been allowed to be discussed. The lying, leftist CNN and its lying allies in the Democrat press, purposely lied to the American citizens by intentionally withholding this important news from them.

So the dishonest, leftist press suppresses news that could have hurt their candidate’s chances of winning the election, then we see massive voting fraud and learn of many affidavits confirming the fraud on the part of Democrats. Trump presses his legal case and is finally halted by the honesty of his own allies and of his appointees on the Supreme Court, and America now knows who was the superior and correct candidate for the presidency, and they also know who were the frauds and cheats in the election.

So now, because of Democrat dishonesty and corruption, we have a president-elect who is greatly defective and whose entire family is being investigated by the FBI, with a crazy-left loon, Kamala Harris, waiting calmly in the background for Biden to hit the wall and crash so she can become president and direct the nation into alliances that will undermine the safety and welfare of all Americans for decades to come.

One sincerely hopes there is a God in heaven, because our nation is going to need all the help it can get during these next four years of shutdowns, masks, lying news networks and dictatorial political leaders.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. These morons who are having “Second Doubts” for voting Biden…must of had their heads up each others asses…every Republucan/Conservative knew about the Bidens, thru various News Sources…just question and investigate.

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