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I Hope Someone In America Can Forgive The Democrats For What they’re Doing To This Nation, Because I Can’t

Even when it appeared that President Trump would easily win re-election I was finding it hard to live peacefully with Democrats because they had been so dishonest and nasty to Trump, for first winning the 2016 election and supporting the constitution with his many pro-American policies, and then for persecuting him for the next three years following his election, as they forever and maliciously repeated the lie of Russian collusion, and called Trump a racist and a traitor.

But now that their cheating, lying ways have undermined our system of voting and selecting our leaders and representatives, and this evil act, combined with their promise to punish the Trump family and all of the Trump supporters if Trump loses re-election in 2020, along with Biden’s radical promise to re-lockdown the nation and force masks down our throats, and for threatening to stack the Supreme Court and get rid of the filibuster, and for burning American cities all summer long, I believe there is no way to patriotically work with the filthy American left, who will not obey laws and constantly seek ways to undermine our constitution.

I wish Democrat individuals no personal harm or misfortune, unlike their promises to prosecute and ruin, and hopefully imprison, Donald Trump once he‘s a private citizen again, but they should never be allowed, ever again, into positions of power, after cheating so brazenly to win the 2020 election and undermine the traditions of honesty and fairness that have made America free, prosperous and the envy of the world.

Biden recently sat for an interview with a CNN reporter, grinning, squinting, stammering and promising to install a blatantly racist, sexist, leftist cabinet that everyone knows will harm the interests of American citizens with their far-left actions and policies. He said his cabinet was being selected specifically to resemble America, but it looks more like the Star Wars bar scene than any American landscape I‘ve been witness to. The one thing in common to all of his cabinet selections were their elite education at Harvard or Yale, their devotion to far left, anti-American interests, and their dedication to China, Iran and the lie of warming/change. Other than those things, which I consider to be disqualifications for service in any administration, I see nothing similar to the thinking and voting of American citizens and the intentional destruction of America that I see in Joe Biden’s cabinet picks.

It appears that Joe Biden is finally going to bring to fruition Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America, as his radical cabinet begins to plot against the constitution and American tradition behind the scenes. Now we’ll see what happens as Biden takes power and implements Obama’s hate-America, dogmatic policies “that live loudly within him“, and as Biden follows the orders of boss Obama, because we know that the subservient Joey Biden doesn’t have a mind of his own and will take orders from his once and current boss, and will do everything in his power to create Obama‘s third administration while he and Harris try to put an aw-shucks face on it.

Attention America: this nation is in serious trouble with radical leftists in the Oval Office!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave,
    After what we’ve all witnessed and all the lies we’ve been forced fed by traitors I doubt there is anyone (not on the left) willing to give an ounce of forgiveness.
    They say to forgive is divine.
    I’m not divine, so I will not forgive or forget….

  2. Turn off your computer and your television and go for a walk outside. There’s more to life than politics. Go bird watching or fly a kite. Ask out that girl you have a crush on and talk about something beside your inability to forgive the Democrats.

  3. Mr. Heater,
    Your advice is the same as I would normally give any serious person who needed good advice, if it were not for the damned Democrats running our nation, so I want to quickly respond to your advice by saying that I watch very little television, I walk miles nearly every day, and even in December my wife and I have been able to play golf nearly every day so far. However, in many cities and states run by Democrats, the freedom I’m able to enjoy here in fly-over country is already gone, and I cannot sit by and witness the misery Democrats are creating for me and my children and remain quiet, knowing that my state may be next on the destruction list.
    To be able to fly a kite, as you suggested, stores have to be open and selling merchandise, which in many states is forbidden by Democrat fiat and in contradiction to the constitution of the United States. And the inability or refusal on the part of Democrat governors and mayors to issue edicts to their citizens based on real science and in line with reasonable decision-making is a tragedy for the nation and for each life impacted by the stupidity coming from the Democrat party. The ability to live freely and make decisions for myself and my family has been taken from me by Democrat politicians who claim that they know better than I how to best run my life.
    The bottom line is that I am a quiet, law-abiding, patriotic person who cannot and will not sit idly by, as the poor German people did in the 1930s, as my nation is destroyed by Trump-hating, power-hungry fools who are exercising dictatorial powers they are not permitted to exercise under our great constitution.

  4. You traitors are going to prison for your attempted coup. Keep crying bitch. It looks good on you.

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