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Barr Rolled Back Into The Swamp – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Oompa loompa doompety dee
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

What do you get when you hide Hunter’s crimes?

A return to the Swamp with all the other slimes.

What do you get when your bagpipes you blow?

Two years of blowing with nothing to show.

Trump doesn’t like the look of that!

Attorney General Bill Barr parted amicably with President Trump. Or so we’re told.

Many of us believers now doubt Barr’s heart was in the job all along. After all, the Swamp didn’t begin to get drained. Only a low-level FBI agent was charged. Comey, Hillary, Brennan, Obama, and many others have not been held accountable for their attempted coup against Trump. Barr expressed outrage at Epstein’s murder, er, ‘suicide.’ Nothing was done about it. Then he said he saw no evidence of fraud after the Democrats blatantly stole the election. Finally, it was revealed that he refused to go after Hunter Biden, even though the FBI had the laptop containing evidence that damned Hunter and his father.

The useless Jeff Sessions recused himself. Bill Barr covered for the Clintons and the Bushes. He’s a Deep State Swamp man. Why would we expect him to do anything else other than drag his feet? The round man’s job was not about draining the swamp, but rather protecting it by running out the clock.

He waited until the Electoral College vote to jump ship. He didn’t even bother to finish out his term. Or, perhaps Trump wouldn’t let him. I hope it’s the latter.

—Ben Garrison

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One Comment

  1. There were only a handful of Republicans/Conservatives that backed Pres Trump.
    The rest of said “Reps/Cons” were ALL in with the Swamp.
    I will never vote straight Republican ticket ever again…not that it mattered this election…my vote was probably flipped as well.

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