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WHATEVER: Washington Post Editorial Board Says The Electoral College Is ‘No Longer Tenable For American Democracy’

The Washington Post editorial board came out Sunday in support of abolishing the electoral college.

“The electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy,” the Post’s editorial board wrote.

As of Monday afternoon, President-elect Joe Biden holds a 5.6 million-vote lead over President Donald Trump and is projected to win 306 electoral college votes to Trump’s 232.

Despite these large margins, the Post’s editorial board noted, Trump would be preparing for a second term had around 90,000 votes swung his way in the three key states of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“Americans are not going to be satisfied with leaders who have been rejected by a majority of voters, and they’re right not to be,” The Post’s editorial board wrote. “It’s time to let the majority rule.”

“Mr. Trump became president in 2016 despite earning 3 million fewer votes than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton,” the editorial board wrote. “Now, he has come close to winning reelection despite losing the popular vote by a far greater margin.”

“We believe Mr. Trump’s election was a sad event for the nation; his reelection would have been a calamity,” the board continued. “But we would be making this argument no matter which party seemed likely to benefit.”

The Post’s editorial board acknowledged that abolishing the electoral college could have unintended consequences, such as leading presidential candidates to ignore voters in smaller states. The board also said a constitutional amendment that would be required to abolish the electoral college “isn’t about to happen.”

A movement to sidestep the electoral college has gained steam in recent years.

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia, together representing 196 electoral college votes, have signed onto the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, agreeing to give all their presidential electors to the candidate who wins the most popular votes nationwide.

The compact would go into effect if states representing an additional 74 electoral votes sign onto the compact, bringing their combined representation to 270 electoral votes — the number needed for a candidate to win the White House.

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  1. ” . . .is no longer tenable for American democracy,” the Post’s editorial board wrote. The editorial board is deliberately blind. They, and other fools, keep harping about the electoral college keeping their choice for president in a run for his/her money. What they and other fools are saying is do away with our Republic and let a few populous states decide who wins. Once our Republic is gone Democracy is gone soon after. It isn’t because the EC has become untenable, it’s the people’s behaviors that is out of sync with a Republic where a majority does not rule. They holler about wanting an even playing field, but now are saying it’s okay for people to cheat, lie, and commit voter fraud to win. Cheating is seemingly acceptable to some, and looting, vandalism, arson, and now committing voter fraud has become popular, doesn’t mean it’s all right to do. To some it’s okay, but for the vast MAJORITY it isn’t. There’s a time for majority rule, but not during our elections, you disenfranchise millions and millions of people and make millions and millions terribly unhappy. And that’s not good.

    1. I would agree that in a democracy the Electoral College would have no place. The hallmark of a democracy is that the majority will always abuse the minority – and steal money for itself from the national Treasury. But, as you point out, Mary, we are a republic and as such it is the LAWFUL duty of the federal government to guarantee every state in this union a Republican form of government. (Article IV section 4)

      The progressive left has been attacking every part of our government to tear down our republic and the electoral college is the last true bastion of our republic. The 4 forms of government that represent 4 different majorities (Democracy being a part of our mixed form of government – the simple definition of a republic) has worked well and has been the most difficult part of the republic to destroy! In 1913 the 17th Amendment (an illegal amendment) took states suffrage without 100% approval (read the last clause of Article V, U.S. Constitution) turning federalism into democracy, as is the House of Representatives that already represented democracy thereby doubling democracy in our government. (And note how thereafter W. Wilson called us a democracy rather than a republic!!) The Supreme Court has been under assault for 100 plus years to stop adjudicating the Supreme Law of the Land and has been turned into the “People’s” Court by addressing social issues instead. All that is left of the Republic is the third majority that – being divinely given to our founders – has so far withstood the corruption – and that makes the COMMUNISTS in this nation livid.

      But what God has established let no man destroy!

      Wisdom is knowledge. The left tries to tell us how unfair it is for the EC to elect a person whom the people did not vote for. But the Truth is we have never voted for the president. The Truth is that it is a wise system designed to keep a corrupt person from gaining control of a part of our government who would abuse and usurp that position. If we tell everyone we know what we know then people with ears to hear and eyes to see will activate the fifth part of our government – the God who established this Nation thru His children – who will vote for His Principles. Doesn’t everything always come down to this conflict of lies assaulting the Truth? The Truth will always destroy the lie. So the frightened hateful left tries to had the Truth from us.

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