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Why All Libertarians & Constitutionalists Should Vote For Trump

I address this to those who consider themselves both “Libertarian” and “libertarian” and to those who are “Constitutionalists/constitutionalists.”

As for myself, I was a small “l” libertarian for many years and a party member for a few (I ended up rejecting the party due to all its nonsense which anyone involved deeply in the party knows well). My libertarian principles were before I joined the party and thereafter. And I take the principles of freedom and liberty I learned from Frederic Bastiat as well as many other historical classic and contemporary libertarian thinkers seriously.

I was one of you…and to a large degree still share many (though not all) of the principles you espouse.

To those who consider themselves libertarian or constitutionalists, I implore you to vote for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.

This is not because he exemplifies every one of your beliefs…not because he is your ideal candidate according to which agrees with every one of your political views…but because he is the one who saved this country from the rampant destruction of liberty it would have suffered had his 2016 opponent been elected and now he is the only one standing between you as an American who does love the founding principles of this nation and those who will completely destroy the country leaving no semblance, much less practice thereof, of the America which our forefathers founded and for which to this day you fight.

Think independently and in your best interests. Let your ideology wisely guide you not partisanly control you. Put aside simplistic allegiance to a political party, put aside what your friends would think (if they knew), put aside your lofty dreams for society (which is the fodder of much libertarian social activities and discussion) in which every single libertarian stance you have is imagined as reality — because none of that is the reality — the reality is the fate of this election determines whether you have even the basic liberties you now have — the basic liberties which even permit you to work for the society you aspire and envision. If the Democrats succeed in this Marxist takeover of America — there will be no further political debate or work for you to do. Life as you know it (and devote yourself to bettering) will be gone.

I believe this is the most important election of our lifetime…the most important in the history of our nation.

I ask each of you to search your heart (not your ego which might tempt you to defend everything you publicly state you believe in even to the degree it would lead you to be part of allowing the darkness which threatens this nation to fully envelop it). Search your deepest knowledge, your conscience, and use that well-developed mind to clearly see what is at stake. The life you have and the political future on individual issues or as a whole you so vehemently devote yourself to will be gone forever if the Democrats win the 2020 presidential election; if the Democrats win, your lofty ideals, fine words, and talking points and debates will be futile and impossible to even work toward ever again.

I speak not from hyperbole. I speak from a clear perception and awareness from my study of the Marxist agenda to destroy the United States of America which has been at play for approximately 70 years now (since the Institute for Social Research/Frankfurt School adherents exiled to the United States). The insidious evil which has by plan infiltrated the government schools/universities, media, entertainment…which has poisoned generations with political correctness and belief in entitlement..and which is close to achieving its goal of the total destruction of American governmental freedom which it has prepared the way for through its prior attacks on every societal and religious belief which was cohesive and life-enhancing to society. There are now millions who are ready to embrace full-frontal communism — calling it by different names usually (what’s the difference between today’s progressivism, socialism, or social justice’s definition of equality?) but all the while the result will be the same if the Democrat’s evil freedom-killing anti-individual policies are enacted. The stupid, ignorant, and fully aware manipulative devotees will all be voting not for some obscure third-party candidate — they will be voting for the Democrats — the party of death to America.

As a libertarian, the adherence you have to liberty and non-aggression, as well as your awareness of how so many have been duped into not even considering or questioning their indoctrination, is not in question…what is in question is whether you will cast a vote which allows you to continue to work toward the matters you hold dear or whether your vote to a foregone losing candidate you agree with more will ironically result in the destruction of any further chance to live in an America where you have any further chance to try and affect change.

A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote which makes it more likely that the nation will succumb to the greatest evil present in the world today and then all of your high and mighty principles will be for not. Vote not for an imaginary scenario where libertarianism rules…vote for the freedoms and liberties we still have to be maintained — vote for Trump.

This is not some intellectual or philosophical political debate on a stage or on social media where you go out afterward for a social time with like-minded individuals after having a good time trying to educate, inform or enlighten other people — this is the decider — whether this country (as we know it and work to improve) survives or not. This is not a game where the outcome is acceptable or tolerable. This is unlike any previous election in our history.

I have rejected every Democrat and every Republican candidate/president for decades as it mattered not which one became president as it would remain the same mire for the American people. Those elections, it mattered not who won, because they were essentially the same — thus a vote for a third-party candidate then expressed your support for that candidate’s principles and in itself made a statement. This election is very different because the two candidates of which we know one will prevail is a choice between the life or death of all freedom and liberty which does exist — period.

You think taxes are legalized theft and are high now? You think the welfare state horrible? You think government regulations are wrong and deleterious to business and the economy? You think America has far too much governmental centralized planning and that free enterprise is hindered? You think your rights to free speech/freedom of movement/assembly/and self-defense/firearm ownership as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights have been trampled upon already? Then consider all the rights which will certainly be eliminated if the Democrats win the White House — as it is that they are running on — the total destruction of American freedom in all areas by the government takeover of the economy/industry/justice system. Rather than (to more or less degree) protecting your natural rights, the government will become the complete enemy of your natural rights, the omnipotent destroyer of your “Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness.” So, libertarian, if you think it bad now…you think more fully about your current life and dreams for yourself and family now as all that will be gone should the Democrats obtain total power in this election.

Without this country’s current governance, even with its faults which every libertarian is quick to identify, you will never have the opportunities you currently enjoy much less any remote chance of political influence in the future. If the Democrats win this one, your principles and ideas as a libertarian will not just be in the minority they will be quashed entirely by a society controlled by the antithesis of everything you believe. Political suppression will prevail. You no longer will have any chance at influence — you will be subject soon to the most oppressive government on par with the worst tyrannies of the world historically.

A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for communism’s final devastating takeover of this nation — and we know once that happens freedom and individual liberty will be gone permanently. I implore you to vote for the only candidate who has the ability to protect this nation from complete tyranny. Be wise, not diehard partisan.

When that ballot is before you — vote as if your life depended on it — because it does.
All libertarians and constitutionalists should vote for Trump.

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Christine is a writer who focuses on applying biblical principles to every area of life. Interests: history, the U.S. Constitution, politics. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of publications, and she has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows nationwide.

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One Comment

  1. Fundamentally I agree with all that you’ve said, Christine – and I read all of it. I’ve read Bastiat, subscribe to John Locke, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, the Declaration of Independence and the Original intent of the U.S. Constitution of 1787. I’ve read the Articles of Confederation and George Washington’s Farwell Address.

    The so called Libertarian Party – and I HATE partys – I would subscribe to is the same one that did not exist in 1776 – that of the 3% who by God’s Hand set this country Free and established a New Nation as the Spiritual Israel Promise Land. Isaiah 14 talks about the stranger joining the House of Israel. To underscore this metaphor is the FACT that Party Politics has been used for over 200 years to tear down this House established by God. As proof of His Divine hand is the Electoral College given to Delegate Ellsworth as a solution to a very real conundrum concerning electing a President. It is has been, so far, absolutely incorruptible – read and study that.

    I am an “A”. A CAPITOL “A”! What is an “A” ? An AmericanIST – just like the other 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Libertarian Party I would subscribe to has but two Planks in its platform. 1) It ain’t NONE of the Government’s business. 2) Freedom is equal parts Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility!

    What does that mean? 1) The only purpose of the government is to give the Force of Law to the unalienable right of every human being to protect his own life and property. All else, as Bastiat say, is legalized Theft. The second sentence of the D.of I. says it like this; “- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” 2) In the Garden God warned Adam not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – but He did not prevent Adam from making a choice of his own free will. If you, as a “libertarian” wish to smoke pot – smoke pot. But when you are destitute in the gutter then DO NOT expect ME – or any government to steal my money – to take care of you! Pay your own consequences. If you murder an unborn child then you FORFIET your own life!

    There is more to Donald Trump than meets the eye. The Hand of God is upon him – to do with him as He sees fit. D.J.T. is a willing servant. But if you hate Christ and Christianity and Western Civilization then you subscribe to the OPPOSTE of Americanism. You subscribe to that ancient, first man-government at the Tower of Babel where they said “come let us labor together and built a monument to ourselves that even God cannot destroy!” You subscribe to COMMUNISM! You are at war with God as you attempt to destroy the Truth. And you WILL – with a hook in your jaw – be brought down to your destruction!!

    We can muddle Ad-nausea about labels and political slants but the reality is this. There are only two camps; Communism and Americanism – two sets of principles, one FALSE and One TRUE. There is nothing in between. You all shall see…

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