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Trump Suggests NRA Relocate To Texas After New York AG Files Lawsuit Against Them

President Trump suggested that the National Rifle Association (NRA) relocate to Texas after the New York Attorney General’s office announced on Thursday that they were suing the NRA for financial fraud and abuse in an attempt to dissolve the organization.

Trump was asked to comment on the lawsuit announcement on Thursday, calling it a “terrible thing.”

“I think the NRA should just move to Texas, and lead a very good and beautiful life,” he continued. “…Texas would be a great place and an appropriate place for the NRA… They’ve been absolutely decimated by the cost of that lawsuit and it’s very sad but I would suggest that that’s what they should be doing.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced at a live press briefing Thursday afternoon that her office was seeking charges against four NRA officials for irresponsible fiscal organizational practices that resulted in the diversion of millions of dollars of charitable funds.

These four individuals contributed to “a culture of non-compliance and disregard for internal controls that led to the waste and loss of millions in assets and contributed to the NRA reaching its current deteriorated financial state,” according to a press release released by the New York Attorney General’s office on Thursday.

The alleged illegal practices constitute fraud according to the lawsuit, which is seeking to dissolve the gun advocacy organization entirely, which is listed as a non-profit in New York.

Officials like Attorney General Ken Paxton from Texas and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey have chimed in, concurring with the sentiment expressed by President Trump that the NRA should relocate to someplace friendlier to gun rights and advocacy.

Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted in strong support of the NRA and their mission on Thursday following Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit announcement.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey from West Virginia released a statement in response to “attacks on gun rights” and in support of gun organizations who are working to protect the second amendment.

“While others engage in a crusade to destroy the Second Amendment, West Virginia will remain very supportive of gun rights and will treat gun organizations fairly under the laws of our state,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “We invite all national gun groups and gun manufacturers to consider relocating to the Mountain State and working with my Office to protect gun rights for citizens in West Virginia and across our nation.

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  1. Wayne LaPierre would have to leave his club in the Hamptons if the NRA moved to Texas.

  2. If the NY AJ would go after BLM, there would be far less obvious bias in her actions.
    As far as I can tell, identical complaints exist.
    Morerover, BLM is intending to disrupt the otherwise unbiased political process.

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