Republicans Leaving Trump Make Democrats Jubilant

Democrats, and an increasing number of ‘Republicans’, hate him.

At least five notable Republicans have said they will not vote for Donald Trump this year. The list includes former president George W. Bush, Sen. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, former Defense Secretary and Sen. Chuck Hagel, former Sen. Jeff Flake and former national security advisor John Bolton.

Even though the five have not endorsed Vice President Joe Biden, Democrats love it.

One thing the convention had in abundance was anti-Trump venom. Organizers were gleeful to have about three-score Republicans in the Biden camp.

Liberal website Alternet, for example, reported “a fair amount of conservatives are supporting this year’s Democratic presidential nominee. This includes members of the Lincoln Project and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich.”

“I’m sure there are Republicans and independents who couldn’t imagine crossing over to support a Democrat,” Kasich said. “They fear Joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. I don’t believe that because I know the measure of the man: reasonable, faithful, respectful. And you know, no one pushes Joe around.”

But can they push Sen. Kamala Harris around? Voters must realize the likelihood of the 79-year-old finishing a term in office are slim and none. 

Kasich is conservative. He proved that by voting in Congress and as governor. A couple of other Biden supporters were East Coast liberal Republicans like former Rep. Susan Molinari and former EPA Director and Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Gen. Colin Powell, on the other hand, has not voted for a Republican since leaving as President George W. Bush’s secretary of defense. He and W, are two of those responsible for selling the unnecessary war in Iraq that the Middle East became what it is today.

Others in the group are also globalist neo-Cons who would rather control other countries than concern themselves with the U.S. national debt, limiting the size of government or attempting to solve problems in America’s social fabric and infrastructure. The Democrats can have the Powells, Michael Haydens and James Kellys of the world.

What Democrats hope will be a polling strength for them this year, globalism vs. nationalism, defeated Clinton in 2016 and could hurt Harris in 2020. “An obscure yet more elemental threat persists: the designs of globalist power brokers of American big business and big government,” Real Clear Politics says.

“These elites of giant multinational corporations and the permanent political class clearly embrace a potential Biden-Harris presidency as their chance to subvert the America First agenda and rewind the clock backward to the globalist era.”

The thinking in Steve Cortez’s commentary is Trump stands in the way of US-headquartered corporations that will do almost anything to gain a cheap flow of goods from Chinese supply lines and to gain access to China’s domestic markets via a partnership with the Chinese state-run enterprises. 

I hate to see Democrats having a good time, even if it is just for the cameras like it was at a few virtual locations across the country as the party of the jackass celebrated Biden’s official nomination this week. I have no doubt the convention was virtual for safety purposes. The nominees are prime age and race profiles for patients most vulnerable for Covid-19.

However, leaving only a few hundred people in Milwaukee to attend the live convention prevented a repeat of 1968 Chicago. As it were only about 500 “progressive” demonstrators marched to the blockades around the convention center and jail. The pandemic and change of venue seem to have similarly cut anarchists and most socialists from taking it to the streets.

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Andy Arnold

I believe in balanced budgets, term limits, improving infrastructure, and not sending US troops around the world instead of fixing America. A former recipient of the Virginia Press Association honor for best sports feature story for daily newspapers. Numerous sportswriter-of-the-month bonuses at the Journal Messenger. Recognized for public relations excellence from Maryland American Heart Association. Producer and host of national weekly current affairs radio program for Sun Radio in the 1990s and local cable t3elevision in the 1980s. Elected to the Maryland Republican Central Committee in 1988. Ran for Congress in 1992.

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