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Fund the WHO Again? When Hell Freezes Over…

“[World Health Organization director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus], said of the recent US move to cut off the WHO’s funding: ‘I hope the freezing of the funding will be reconsidered and the US will once again support WHO’s work and continue to save lives. I hope the US believes that this is an important investment, not just to help others but ...

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The Case of Greta Thunberg: Political Agendas Are No Child’s Play

Far-left climate extremist, Greta Thunberg gave a dramatic speech at the United Nations. Being just 16-years-old, this teen gained worldwide attention when she warned of “mass extinction” and continuously declared “how dare you” in a hostile manner. The Left has used a child as a political shield and gave her worldwide coverage. However, no one is allowed to question what ...

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Watch: Why Trump Won and Europe is a Mess

Were you shocked at the results of the 2016 American presidential election? Most people were, but Stephen Harper was not one of them. Here, the former Prime Minister of Canada explains the trends that foreshadowed Trump’s victory, started the schism in Europe and left many political elites looking wildly out of touch. Watch: Transcript I was elected to the Parliament ...

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The Great Awakening – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Nationalism can defeat Globalism. The Great Awakening has begun across the globe. People want their leaders to put the citizens and taxpayers “first”. A Nationalist leader puts his countrymen and country first. A Globalist Leader puts their country and countrymen last and non-citizens “first”. Democrats are globalists first. They want open borders and better treatment of non-citizens than the American ...

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Al Gore Tops Off Hate Week With Call for Trump to Resign

Sometimes in life, there are things that just don’t go away. Cockroaches, genital herpes, felonious criminal records and festering anal cysts among them. Why is it that former Vice President Al Gore always conjures up an image of the latter? The most concerted attack on the legitimately elected President of the United States to this date is raging as it ...

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Is the Left’s New ‘Red Scare’ Just the Tip of a Conspiracy to Undermine the U.S. Government?


Is there a nefarious, shadowy play, orchestrated by political leaders, financed by globalist billionaires and shaped by media outlets friendly to the cause of undermining the United States’ sovereignty? If there is, Donald J. Trump is in their way. Is this a Democratic Party plan? No, if it exists, it is bigger than anything they could imagine, but it fosters ...

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Bad News for Globalists

European business activity fell in May, nearing a 35-month low, according to a survey by Markit. Its survey, based on European manufacturing and service sectors, fell to 45.9. The euro fell to a 22-month low against the dollar in response. Disagreement at Wednesday’s summit between European leaders about how to solve the dilemma did nothing to boost confidence. Chris Williamson, ...

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